Refilling Acrylic Nails: All You Need to Know

How many times can you fill acrylic nails is the most trending question among the ladies for refilling acrylic nails. The bitter truth is acrylic nails need a lot of maintenance! The acrylic nails involve a strong manicure process and can last upto two months. But are you aware of the fills? The infills are

Gel Polish Not Curing? Know the Reasons and Solutions

Who doesn’t love well designed and polished nails? Those beautiful, shining and glittery pieces of art have your whole heart. Every now and then you love trying some unique style to refresh your nail beauty. The vastness of nail fashion is just unimaginable, you may want to experiment with every uniqueness they offer you. In

Box Braids [latest Designs + DIY Guide]

What’s new Box Braids hairstyles can I try? The question keeps swirling in our mind? Am I right? Now you must be imagining hairstyles in which you could just rock the world! Hair being the paramount asset of a woman always gets special attention. Styling their hair is the prime concern of a woman and