Base Coat Vs Top Coat Advantages For Your Nails

Base Coat Vs Top Coat Nail Polish:

Well, that’s the most genuine topic that needs a clear answer. If you are a fan of nail polishes, it is mandatory for you to know about its various aspects to have healthy and happy nails. Many women remain unsatisfied after applying nail polish; many complain that it damages their nails. Do you know the reason behind all these problems? Let me tell you; it’s the wrong or non-usage of the base coat and the top coat.

Yes, as simple as it sounds, and most of the time, many women often ignore these while applying nail polishes; it is indispensable to understand their importance. A base coat is applied on the nails before the nail polish, which acts as a fence between the fingernails and the nail polish. It is dense and sticky and holds onto your nails firmly, protecting them.

Benefits Of Base Coat:

Makes Your Nail Polish Adhere to the Nails:

  • Marking its prime job, a base coat has proven beneficial when applied before nail polish.
  • It helps the nail paint to stick firmly to your nails and prevents peeling and chipping. They consist of sticky resins, which act as glue to help the nail polish firmly attach to it.
the image showing, gorgeous nails with the application of base coat
makes your nail polish adhere to the nails

Nourishes the Nails:

  • Wondering if it is even true? Yes, you read right; it is accurate. Though many of you are unaware of the benefits of a base coat, it is a healthy way to keep your nails nourished, shiny, and durable.
  • Most of the base coats available in the market are highly rich in nutrients essential for your nails. Always apply a base coat to get the proper nourishment your nails seek. Also, they repair any damage to the nails.
  • Whenever buying a base coat, keep in mind to check its nutritional content so that you have amazing nails.
the image shows, healthy nails with the use of base coat
nourishes the nails

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Cover Over Any Cracks and Damages to the Nails:

  • Sometimes due to various reasons, the nails may be damaged or cracked at certain places giving an impression of uneven nail polish.
  • Nail polishes, when applied to this type of nail, do not look good, and here comes the role of a base coat.
  • The base coat fills in for any damage and makes the surface even.
the image shows the perfect nail painted hands
cover any cracks and damages

Prevent Your Natural Nails From Getting Stained:

  • Most of the time, it has been found that after applying specific bright colors, nail polishes the nail’s color remains on the nails even after its complete removal.
  • To avoid situations like this, a base coat can prove to be the savior you are looking for.
  • Since it acts as a barrier between the fingernails and the nail polish, it saves your nails from getting tainted.
  • If you want to remove this staining, always use a base coat to remove the nail polish quickly.
the image shows stain free nails
stain free nails

Makes Removal Easier:

  • Regular use of acetone damages the cuticles and makes the nails dry, weak, and breakable.
  • Using some water-based base coats can be very useful in safely and securely removing nail polishes.
the image shows the application of base coat as a beneficial process for nails
makes removal easy

Top Coat And Its Benefits:

A top coat is applied as a coat on the top of the nail paint to protect the color as well as prevents any chipping. It helps in keeping it shiny and lustrous without causing any harm to the original nail color. Applying the top coat comes with a lot of benefits like:\

Protects Your Nail Polish:

  • The main benefit of a top coat is that it protects the beautiful color of your nail polish.
  • It acts as a shield against water and sun rays. Because of the top coat, the nail polish’s natural color remains intact.
  • The layer hardens and sticks with nail paint perfectly.
the image shows a matte finished nail polish
protects the nail polish

Provides Glossy Shine:

  • A top coat can do wonders to make your nail polish more pretty and shiny.
  • If you do not like shiny nail polish, you can always go for matte top coats, which will protect without any shine.
the image shows long shiny nails
provides glossy shine

Protects Your Nail Polish From Stains:

  • If you are worried about the stains you can get while cooking or doing any other household work, it is time to introduce you to the top coat.
  • Many top coats are stain-resistant, and their ultimate goal is to protect your nails from getting any stains.
the image shows stain free nails
the stainless nails

Gel Base and Top Coat:

These may seem like not very important steps while getting a manicure, but they form the base of your beautiful fingernails. While getting a mani, apply a gel base coat to strengthen and adhere the nail polish to the nails. After applying the nail polish, apply the top coat to get a finished and glossy look.

the image shows stunning nails
top coat vs base coat

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Base Coat Vs Top Coat-FAQ’s

Can You Use a Top Coat as a Base Coat?

*Most professionals are advised not to use the top coat and base coat and vice-versa for their prime functions.
* Using a top coat as a base coat will not adhere to the nails and will not function as a base coat; it will just make you believe that you have applied a base coat.
* Though they both look similar, they are designed for different purposes. A top coat mainly protects your nail polish and gives them shine. Using them as base coats is not a wise decision.

Do You Need a Base Coat Before Applying Nail Polish?

*A base coat is advised because it is a barrier between your natural nails and the nail polish.
* It protects your nails from the bright colors and their staining while providing strength and nutrition to the nails.
* It is always better to use a base coat before applying the nail polish to have healthy and happy nails.

How Many Coats of Nail Polish Are Necessary?

* Most manicurists suggest a four-coat application of the nail polish: The first coat of the base coat for nail protection.
* Second coat of nail polish, and if you like a darker color, go for the third coat of nail paint.
* And fourth is the top coat for a durable and shiny nail.

Can You Use a Gel Topcoat on Regular Nail Polish?

* Make sure your nails are dehydrated if you use a gel top coat on your regular nail polish.
* Because a gel top coat traps the moisture within the nail paint and makes it dirty.
* Using a regular top coat on nail polish is recommended.

Are Top Coats and Base Coats the Same?

* They both may look very similar but are different in their functions.
* A base coat is applied before the nail polish to adhere to it and protect the nails adequately.
* A top coat is applied after applying the nail polish to seal the color and make the nail paint durable and shiny.

Which Is More Important: Base Coat or Top Coat?

* According to most professionals, it is more important to wear a base coat as it protects your nails from the direct damage caused by nail polish.
* Also, it prevents any staining caused by dark colors.
* While a top coat is not a mandatory process to apply, even without it, nail polish can last.

How Long Does Nail Polish Last With a Base Coat and Top Coat?

* It depends upon various factors like the amount of work you do daily; if it is more predominantly, the nail polish can last for 2 to 3 days.
* But if you preserve it and take proper care with applying the base coat and top coat, it can last for a week.