Box Braids [latest Designs + DIY Guide]

What’s new Box Braids hairstyles can I try? The question keeps swirling in our mind? Am I right? Now you must be imagining hairstyles in which you could just rock the world!

Hair being the paramount asset of a woman always gets special attention. Styling their hair is the prime concern of a woman and they try to find every possible way to make their hair look perfect which in turn will make them look divine. So, I guess everyone gets bored after a time of the regular stuff, the same is the case with your hairstyles. Are you willing to try something totally out of the box and become the diva you are?

What Are Box Braids Hairstyles?

Originating in Africa, these super gorgeous and lovely box braids have my whole heart. This came into popularity after winning every African lady’s heart in the historic and exemplary black television and movies. These braids are also referred to as the 90’s box braids.

Talking about 2022, box braids have taken control over the fashion world. This is the most loved, most trending, and most upscale hairstyle in today’s world. African ladies are fond of box braids as it tames their hair and helps stylishly manage them. But this protective hairstyle is not only limited to Africa, ladies all around the globe are equally trying to experiment with these super cute and jazzy box braids.

Box braids got their name from the pattern it is designed for. The hair is sectioned off in squares and so is the name. They are, in most cases, made by installing extensions in your natural hair. And while you get the box braids, do not forget your natural hair and keep them healthy and nourished. Coconut oil, jojoba oil, and olive oil can prove to be beneficial while having this hairstyle.

Latest Box Braids Styles to Inspire Your Next Hairstyles

No need to worry if you have thin hair, short hairstyles, or very long hair because box braids come in a variety of forms and styles. You are going to experience the vast and unimaginable hairstyles in the world of box braids. Yes, there are several options to choose from and define your artistic beauty in a more enhanced form.

Knotless Braids

  • This is one of the comfiest yet stylish box braids to add charm as well as beauty to your hair.
  • Knotless braids are preferred by most ladies as it provides less tension on the scalp and is without knots.
  • If taken proper care of, these can last up to 6 weeks and you can just become the admirer with these mesmerizing knotless braids
knotless braids
Source: Pinterest

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Burgundy Box Braids

  • Hair Color is not very appreciated unless you get it. This unique look is famous among people ready for some experimenting.
  • When such braids are mingled with burgundy color, you are sure to turn heads.
  • If you are ready for some change, this is a must-try!
 burgundy box braids
Source: Pinterest

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Box Braids With Curls

  • Oh! Those gorgeous curls you own! Who will not fall for them? It’s time to style them with a twist.
  • Braid them till the end and leave small sections of the curls open. This gives a new look to the box braids and also showcases your curls in an enhanced manner.
  • So, if you are a queen of curly hair, this style can be your ultimate savior.
box braids with curls
Source: Pinterest

Triangle Box Braids With a Zest

  • This can make you the most unique in the room. Triangles add a hint of modernity and longevity to your hair.
  • Try this beautiful hairdo to get all the praise.
triangle box braids with a zest
Source: Pinterest

Medium Braids

  • Medium-length hair when given the touch of box braids can add to their beauty.
  • Give your hair a stunning brown color and rock this look.
  • With medium lengths comes the advantage of less maintenance and more creativity, this style can be your ideal one.
Medium Box Braids
Source: Pinterest

Box Braids With Shaved Designs

  • Wanting to channel the inner wildness, go for this style with shaved sides.
  • You can get rid of the side hair and make box braids from the rest of the hair. This can be styled in any way you like, whether it is a pony or a high-top bun.
Box Braids With Shaved Designs
Source: Pinterest

Ombre Box Braids

  • When you are a lover of fashion, you like exploring ideas that finally capture your heart,
  • One such heart-capturing idea can be these ombre braids. It looks enhanced on anyone who gets them.
  • If you are in search of something defining your personality, maybe this is your answer.
Ombre Box Braids
Source: Pinterest

Blonde Box Braids

  • If you are eyeing something sassy yet classy and youthful, why not give your hair the touch of blonde?
  • Blond-colored braids can make anyone go “wow”. So, get ready to earn some compliments with this blonde.
Blonde Box Braids
Source: Pinterest

Jumbo Box Braids

  • Having dense hair? Tame it in the most attractive way possible.
  • Create these jumbo box braids out of them and become the inspiration.
  • You may feel little weight because of the jumbo braids but try to make them in a comfy yet stylish manner. If the load bothers you very much, undo the braids.
Jumbo Box Braids
Source: Pinterest

Small Box Braids

  • Even short hair looks divine when styled in the form of box braids.
  • You can pair any kind of dress with short braids and still win the charm with your modern touch.
Small Box Braids
Source: Pinterest

Bob Box Braids

  • Remember those days when your mom used to cut your hair as short as possible to avoid its tiring maintenance? Time to bring that bob into fashion.
  • Bob braids when styled can benefit you with youthfulness and modernity. This is a must-try for people with busy lives.
Bob Box Braids
Source: Pinterest

Bohemian Box Braids

  • This style is famous for representing freedom and livelihood more remarkably.
  • This includes braiding at some places and free open curly hair at some other places.
  • This looks great when you style them for some occasions and pair them with a gown or any long dress.
Bohemian Box Braids
Source: Pinterest

Box Braids With Beads

  • With the addition of beads, you can rock your look with full zest.
  • This extraordinary way of styling box braids is very impressive and is becoming everyone’s favorite.
  • Try it to explore your inner child.
Box Braids With Beads
Source: Pinterest

Crochet Box Braids

  • Crochet braids are extensions that are added to the cornrows using a crochet hook.
  • When these are combined with box braids, the combination is deadly.
  • This is slowly ruling over the industry and has become the crowd’s favorite.
Crochet Box Braids
Source: Pinterest

Butterfly Box Braids

  • This creative and impressive hair styling is coming into trend slowly.
  • This merges two braids from each side of the head into a single braid at the back of the head.
  • This gives the appearance of a butterfly and hence the name, you can try this to surprise the audience.
Butterfly Box Braids
Source: Pinterest

5 Impressive Box Braid Designs for Men

Box braids are known for their versatility and statement. Men are fond of this braiding system that not only makes them stylish but also protects their hair. Some of the trending box braids are here for men:

Box Braids on Curly Hair

  • Not to worry if you have curly hair, style them in braids.
  • This looks totally dapper and unique when gelled up properly for a sleeker finish.
Box Braids on Curly Hair
Source: Pinterest

Short Box Braids

  • You can rock the shorter bradding look with full confidence. Many men prefer this style as it is the most easygoing as well as attractive.
  • Short hair adds elegance as well as coolness with braids.
  • Short hair men, this is a must-try!
 short box braids for men
Source: Pinterest

Long Box Braids

  • So, if you are a fan of wildness and creativity, surprise everyone with those long hairs you are owning.
  • Long hair when combined with such braids can add to your dashing personality a sense of dare and awesomeness.
Long Box Braids
Source: Pinterest

Large Wide Sectioned Box Braids

  • If you have very long hair, you can go for this wide-sectioned braiding.
  • This is a more dramatic and different method of braiding your hair with larger sections.
  • A simple yet funky look is achieved with these box braids.
large wide sectioned box braids for men
Source: Pinterest

Box Braid Ponytail

  • Another method of styling your long hair can be in the form of a ponytail.
  • Also, if you have short hair, you can add extensions and go for this ponytail.
  • This is a very classic and extraordinary style of braiding the hair and can make you a charmer
box braid ponytail for men
Source: Pinterest

How to Do Box Braids at Home? [DIY Box Braids Guide]

If you are capable enough to manage those luscious and voluminous hair, you are capable enough to make these box braids at home wonderfully. Because we know, visiting a salon every time you need a fresh box braid can be costly and also lingering. Let’s start by following the steps given below to get your protective braids at home in less time:

Step 1: Prep Your Hair

  • To seal your natural hair in box braids, the hair should be cleaned properly.
  • Apply a deep conditioner and blow dry the hair gently. Do not be in a rush or else you will end up damaging your hair.
  • Add the leave-in products to ensure smooth and hydrated clean hair as your hair is going to be in a long-term braid.
  • Now detangle every section of the hair perfectly. Do not leave any hair dangled, it will cause difficulty while braiding them.

Step 2: Section Off the Hair

  • Once you have prepared your hair, divide the hair into as many sections as you want and then divide smaller sections within the sections as you do while braiding the hair.
  • Now, start by braiding one section at a time. To avoid any mess, secure the other sections with a rubber band or a clip.

Step 3: Braid Every Section

  • Now start braiding your hair and when you come to the end of your natural hair, add the extensions to get proper coverage and dimension.
  • Braid every section of your hair neatly and detangle them along the way to have a long-lasting hairdo.

Step 4: Seal in With Hot Water

  • Now once you are done braiding every section, seal the ends with hot water.
  • To make your braids long-lasting and perfect, use some gentle amounts of foam mouse. This gives extra longevity to the box braids.
  • And you are ready with the most amazing look of the season.

Watch the video to get the complete instructions here:

How to Take Care of Your Box Braids?

But your job isn’t finished yet, because with box braids comes the cost of maintaining them from time to time to avoid any breakage and damage to your natural hair. For a few days, you will be unable to wash the hair and so use a scalp cleansing rinse while the braids are installed in your hair. Try using a scalp cleanser that is rich in tea tree oil, apple cider vinegar, and shea butter which will help to keep the braids in position for a longer period.

While sleeping, use a silk pillowcase or any other soft and warm piece of clothing to avoid the fear of frizz. Trying not to disturb the roots as it can lead to frizziness and ultimately your braids will loosen.

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What is the Difference Between Knotless Braids and Box Braids?

  • Knotless braids mostly look like they are growing out of the scalp whereas, in box braids, the knots are seen where the extensions are being added.
  • Well, the main difference lies in the fact that with knotless braids you can try any different style that you like but with box braids come with the limitations that you need to give your hair some rest after loosening it.
  • Knotless braids can be not very tight on the hair, but box braids are a bit heavy on the scalp.

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How to Loosen Tight Box Braids?

*Give your hair some warm water for a while and gently massage the scalp to loosen the braids.
*Now de braid your hair to let your hair breathe.

How to Take Out Box Braids?

* Leave the hair with water and leave it in a spray.
* Cut down each braid only if you have used extensions.
* Loosen each braid slowly and gently.
* Detangle the dangled hair at the roots.
* Comb it and you are free.
* While taking out box braids, never be in a hurry or else it will cause breakage and damage to your natural hair. Always be patient enough while doing such intricate work.

How to Sleep With Box Braids?

Use a scarf or a silk pillowcase to wrap around your head. This decreases the amount of damage sleep can do to the braids. When inside some comfy clothes it will be protected.

How to Wash Box Braids?

1. Start by choosing the correct shampoo which is sulfate free. Now dilute the shampoo in an applicator to make its consistency thinner for rinsing to be easier.
2. Now apply the diluted shampoo directly to the scalp by flipping over every section of the hair.
3. Apply everywhere and gently massage. Do not be in a hurry or else the braids will damage and become frizzy.
4. Rinse away the shampoo gently and slowly.

How Long Do Box Braids Last?

* They can last up to 6 to 8 weeks if proper maintenance and care are taken off.
* So, taking care is the most important part of box braids. The more you look after them, the more they will last long perfectly.

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