15 Burst Fade Mohawk Styles: The Iconic Combination

Usher Raymond, a well-known R&B artist, made the burst fade mohawk, also known as the South of France fade, more fashionable. A thin strip of hair in the middle of the head was all that the original Mohawk had. The burst fade with Mohawk, though, is significantly more. In essence, it is a mohawk with a taper fade that curves over your ears.

The term “burst fade” refers to the way the fade expands as it gets closer to the neckline and top of the head. As a result, your hair gradually gets shorter.

For some contemporary and fashionable hairstyles, check out the top burst fade mohawk styles below!

Burst Fade Mohawk

  • The burst fade mohawk haircut has a large faux hawk on top and a burst fade on the sides.
  • For those who are unfamiliar with the burst fade, it is a taper fade that bursts outwards as the hair fades into the neckline and follows the contour of the ear.
the image shows, burst fade mohawk
burst fade mohawk

Burst Fade Mohawk Curly Hair

  • With this amazing burst fade mohawk hairdo, you can show off your curls.
  • The fade wraps around the ears before merging into the lengthier top. The sharp line up towards the back completes the look.
the image shows, burst fade mohawk curly hair
burst fade mohawk curly hair

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Burst Fade No Mohawk

  • A burst fade is distinguished by hair that is tapered around the ear and the back of the head, sometimes in a rounded, semi-circular shape.
  • The hair on the neck is left longer which emphasizes the hairline’s edge.
the image shows, burst fade no mohawk
burst fade no mohawk

Low Burst Fade Mohawk

  • The low burst fade mohawk begins above the ears and wraps around the neckline to the nape of the neck.
  • The low burst fade haircut is a straightforward and refined short cut that minimizes back and side exposure.
the image shows, low burst fade mohawk
low burst fade mohawk

Burst Fade Mohawk Straight Hair

  • With straight hair, you can go for a burst fade mohawk which may show off your rebellious side.
  • Fortunately for you, your straight hair will make styling and handling easier.
the iimage shows, burst fade mohawk straight hair
burst fade mohawk straight hair

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Burst Fade Mohawk Black

  • One of the best hairstyles for black males is the burst fade mohawk.
  • It helps the black males to show off their afro curls or dreadlocks.
the image shows, burst fade mohawk black
burst fade mohawk black

Burst Fade Mohawk Designs

  • You may add a shaved pattern to the burst fade to edge up your mohawk.
  • You can go with whatever you choose, but this look has six shaved zig zag block lines.
the image shows, burst fade mohawk designs
burst fade mohawk designs

Burst Fade Mohawk Short Hair

  • The best thing about this is that your hair may be chopped short into a buzz cut or crew cut.
  • Because this style is shorter, the addition of a burst fade mohawk helps give the hair thickness and depth for a masculine yet young image.
the image shows, burst fade mohawk short hair
burst fade mohawk short hair

Burst Fade Mohawk Back View

  • The high bursts on the sides transition from a bald fade to a less severe one. Your hairline and temples will both receive an edgy cut.
  • Your Mohawk on the back takes on a sassy style that will make your admirers envious.
the image shows, burst fade mohawk back view
burst fade mohawk back view

Burst Fade Mohawk Dreads

  • The burst fade almost completely covers the side of the head, creating the ideal negative space for unruly twists and curls.
  • When paired with a mohawk, it looks wonderful with short, adorable dreads in your hair.
the image shows, burst fade mohawk dreads
burst fade mohawk dreads

Burst Fade Mohawk Long Hair

  • Pair your bold, long mohawk with a burst fade this season for a crisp, on-trend look.
  • By extending the hair down the sides of the scalp in a well-groomed fade, this look strikes a perfect balance between polished and punk.
the image shows, burst fade mohawk long hair
burst fade mohawk long hair

Burst Fade Mohawk With High Skin Fade

  • This is a good illustration of how to fix too-sharp edges.
  • The hairline is pushed further back on the forehead so that the skin fade sits level with where the genuine hairline should be to maintain the proper proportions.
the image shows, burst fade mohawk with high skin fade
burst fade mohawk with high skin fade

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Soft Burst Fade Mohawk

  • Hair that is thick and straight looks great in this style. The burst fade is so subtle and exact that it seems like a piece of well-blended charcoal painting.
  • The perfectly balanced, harmonious masterpiece is made possible by the razor-sharp edges, which serve as the ideal counterpoint.
the image shows, Soft burst fade mohawk
Soft burst fade mohawk

Burst Fade Mohawk With A Faux Hawk

  • Short mohawks or faux hawk haircuts offer a look that demands a lot of courage to pull off.
  • It produces a more natural and refined appearance when combined with a burst fade that merges the hair smoothly and generates fascinating proportions.
the image shows, burst fade mohawk with a faux hawk
burst fade mohawk with a faux hawk

Wavy Burst Fade Mohawk

  • Around the ear and the back of the head, the burst fade slopes downward. If you have wavy hair, the mohawk has an even more dramatic appearance and creates an interesting contrast when paired with a burst fade.
  • It makes for a daring style that can look sharp yet still edgy but is also easier to wear than the traditional approach to mohawks.
the image shows, wavy burst fade mohawk
wavy burst fade mohawk


Wearing a burst fade mohawk hairstyle should be on your 2023 bucket list. It is a very well-liked hairdo throughout the world. This is because the style is adaptable enough to accommodate different ways of wearing it.

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Burst Fade Mohawk-FAQ’S

How To Cut A Burst Fade Mohawk?

The sides of the burst fade Mohawk hairstyle are cut short, while a longer strip of hair runs from the front hairline to the nape of the neck
Most burst fade mohawk cuts are graded in length, getting shorter as they come closer to the neck.

Is A Burst Fade A Mohawk?

No, a burst fade is not a mohawk.
The most recent modification to the mohawk is the burst fade. In contrast to a standard fade, which runs around the back of the head, it notably has a fade in a bursting form (hence the name) centered above the ear and up to the temple.

What Is A Deathhawk Haircut?

A mohawk with attitude is called a deathhawk.
The strip down the middle is teased and spiked with hair products to stand tall on the head, and the sides are shaved.

What Is A Burst Taper Fade?

You can easily style your thick hair when you have a burst taper fade haircut.
You do not need to expose your flesh to wear this haircut. Its explosion leaves some hair behind since keeping your hair straight is crucial.

Does A Burst Fade A Mullet?

No, a burst fade is not a mullet. The burst fade can be worn with a mullet.
Mullets are known for their shorter tops and longer backs, but if you pair them with a burst fade, you can choose an updated version.