Everything You Need to Know Before Conch Piercing!

The conch piercing is ruling the fashion trends. Piercing is becoming a popular choice of fashionistas. Wearing a piece of earrings adds a bold statement to your style. You can customize the wearables with a curated piece. The name of the piercing is associated with the big spiral-shaped cartilage skin of the ear. The conch piercing always comes with a myriad of options in the category of jewellery and piercing placement. Though it is a gorgeous makeover, the piercing saga accompanies aftercare, cost and pain. Thus, we say that it is a daring task for a fashion enthusiast!

What is a Conch Piercing? 

  • The conch piercing is associated with the most spacious part of the ear. This zone of the ear is the most customizable part of ear piercing. The piercing determines that there can be both outer and inner piercing.
  • The outer conch piercing is associated with the outer edge of the ear piercing. It involves the cartilage of the ear. And yay! You are ready to flaunt the hoop earrings. The inner conch piercing, on the other hand, is associated with the piercing through the middle of the ear’s cartilage. It is basically a hole preferred by stud lovers.
  • Many piercing passionates wonder whether they can get a conch cluster or not. The answer is yes! You can go for a double conch piercing to make your look more intense. An orbital conch piercing is a through hole done with one piece of wearable. The look of orbital piercing is achieved with a solo ring passing through the inner and the outer hole.
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What Are the Pros of Conch Piercing?

  • Though conch piercing may initially be painful, some individuals still go for it to relieve pain. Yes, it helps to attenuate any acute or chronic pain. This piercing can be related to a similar concept of acupressure and acupuncture. It is believed that piercing certain parts of the body (in this case ears) can act as a pain reliever.
  • Do you know that the Daith piercing is done to relieve migraines? However, there is no solid scientific logic to support these facts! Moreover, there are some insights to partially claim that ear acupuncture can actually be a pain reliever. A 2017 study has found that ear or auricular acupuncture may provide some ease to the pain.
  • You can only expect a pronounced result when the treatment is incorporated within 48 hours of the trigger. The study also further claims that more research should be conducted to get a concrete result. In addition, it is not possible to get an appointment with a piercer within 48 hours every time.

Is There Any Harm Associated With Conch Piercing?

  • There is nothing to sugarcoat the fact that piercing does not hurt you! Whatever piercing it is, you will surely feel a sting of pain. The pain also varies from person to person. As per the experts, the pain in any part of the ear is more or less the same and conch piercing is not that much hurting.
  • Actually, the earlobes are soft and made of soft tissues. On the other hand, the conches are composed of cartilage. So isn’t it natural that piercing in the conch area will hurt more than the conventional ones? Moreover, it’s the brain that regulates the feelings of pain.
  • However, if you decide to flow with the trend! Focus on your look because the pain will come and go. The only thing that prevails is carrying the wearable style in a bold manner!

How Much a Conch Piercing Can Hurt?

  • Honestly, a piercing in the conch can hurt you a bit more than other parts of the ears. The major reason is the cartilage that is present in the conch zone. Another reason often linked with pain in the conch is an infected conch piercing! Improper aftercare will leave a scar in the area. It may also cause irritation and redness.
  • You can rate the piercing as 7.5 on a scale of 10. Though you will feel an extreme sting initially, the pain is the same as that of the other cartilage piercings. A needle piercing will give you moderate conch piercing pain! The dermal punch will hurt a lot! But you will get the chance to wear larger gauge earrings.
  • The dermal punch is the method of perforating your ears in which the stylist removes tissue from the cartilage. This process will let you wear thicker jewelry.
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How Much Time Does It Take to Heal the Pain and the Piercing of the Conch?

  • The conch piercing healing time partially depends totally on the aftercare procedure. A needle piercing will take a good 6-9 months to heal. The dermal punch is a big piercing. So, it may require a whole year or sometimes more to fully recover!

What Are the Latest Styles of Conch Piercing?

The conch piercing alone cannot curate an attractive appearance for your ears. Pairing it up with jewelry in other piercing areas of the ears will spice up the piercing look! Check out some of the bold conch-piercing ideas below:

Conch Helix Piercing

  • The conch is the inner spiral-shaped cartilage of the ear. The helix piercing refers to the rim cartilage of the ear.
  • Conch and helix piercing is the most trending trend of the time.
  • In fact, many celebrities are also setting up a style statement with this piercing style! Wear a cluster on the conch and adorn your helix with rings to look stylish!
conch helix piercing
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Forward Helix and Conch Piercing

  • The forward helix is referred to the upper cartilage of the ear that is attached to the face.
  • As said, only a piercing in the conch will never be complete unless you go for a helix piercing.
  • Conventional helix piercings are way out of style. The trend that is slowly stepping in is the forward helix conch piercing.
  • Wear a series of studs in your forward helix and style your conch with rings to keep your look aesthetic!
forward helix and conch piercing
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Conch and Flat Piercing

  • The flat piercing is done in the flat area just below the outer rim of the ear.
  • The flat piercing along with the conch will add charm to the trend of ear constellations and make you a trendsetter!
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Conch and Rook Piercing

  • Rook is another cartilage piercing of the upper ridge of the ear, Styling the rook with a conch is similar to the tragus and conch piercing.
  • The style of rook piercing rocks with the conch piercing.
  • It will not only create a unique look but also make you stand out from the typical trend.
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Segment and Clicker Hoops

  • Clicker hoops are the ideal conch rings.
  • They mainly have a hinged back which acts as the lock.
  • Segment rings are also seamless rings which can be used for wearing in any part of ear piercing.

The daith and conch piercings are also trending styles to decorate your ears. You can try one of these look ideas to give yourself a chic makeover!

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Are There Any Celebrities Following the Trend?

There is a list of celebrities like Ashley Graham who believe in keeping pace with the ear-curating trends. In fact, they have rocked the red carpets with their in-vogue look! Have a glimpse of them for inspiration:

Scarlett Johansson

  • She is one of the highest-paid Hollywood actresses.
  • It is just not her skills and beauty that have mesmerized us, but her gracious style is also worth noticing! She is the piercing muse.
  • Her chic look has rocked many red carpets. We cannot just get over her styling of the conch with cluster and other adorning accessories over the helix, daith and rook piercings.
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Jennifer Lawrence

  • Her simple yet glam look is worth crushing for.
  • The conch stud along with the emerald drop piece give this Hollywood star an awed look! Whenever it comes to ear stacks, she always prefers to keep them simple.
  • Her style is all about adorning the ear lobe with heavier pieces and contrasting it with conch studs. This signature style statement of hers is indeed overwhelming!
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Jennifer Hudson

  • The simple heart stud paired with an earring of the heavier category is definitely a cool and subtle look.
  • The popular talk show host makes sure that her styles are always at par. She is also a stern believer in posh and luxury conch pieces. In many of her red carpet and other looks, she has flaunted the craftsmanship of the piercing God, Maria Tash.
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Types of Earrings Good for Conch Piercing?

Conch piercing is an ideal way to flaunt your selection of jewelry. You must choose the earring as per the location of the piercing in the conch. Literally, this earring game is all about inner vs outer conch piercing:

  • Inner Conch Piercing

    • Barbells
    • Flat back Studs
  • Outer Conch Piercing

    • Curved Barbells
    • Flat back Studs
    • Captive rings
    • Conch Hoop earrings
    • Circular barbells

The conch stud can be of any metal like gold, stainless steel, titanium, platinum, etc. however, metals like surgical titanium or stainless steel are highly recommended because of their resistance to the collection of bacteria. The gold also prevents infection due to its yellow texture. It is also unreactive to any abrasion.

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Precautionary Measures for Conch Piercing to Be Done

There are certain do’s when you decide to for a next-level piercing i.e, conch piercing. They are:

  • Always consult a professional piercist while piercing the conches
  • Take their advice about which type of looks and jewelry suits you best.
  • Make sure you do not have a prevailing medical condition that will prevent the wound from healing faster
  • The material of the piercing stud should be either a surgical metal or gold to protect your ear from further infection.

How Will I Change My Conch Earring?

Experimenting with the jewelry in your conch zone is good! However, you need to follow certain rules:

  • You must be certain that your healing time is completely over
  • While changing the earring wash your hands thoroughly
  • While pulling out the earring do not just drag it in a random manner. Make sure to drag it out of the hole gently

How to Clean a Conch Piercing?

As the healing time is long due to conch piercing, it is prone to infection. You must follow a conch piercing aftercare regime to prevent the development of infection. The regime includes:

  • Wash your hands before you touch the delicate area
  • Dress the piercing wounds for at least 3 months two times a day
  • Do not play or rotate with stud or ring present in the piercing
  • You can buy store-based saline water or mix ¼ teaspoon of salt into distilled water
  • You must give the piercing a warm and snuggly salt bath at least once a day. Take the solution in a shallow bowl or mug and tilt your head. Your piercing must touch the solution. Stay in the position for a maximum of 5 minutes.
  • Take a saline gauge or tissue paper to dab on the area for absorbing the excess water
  • Do not swap the jewelry until your piercing is completely healed
  • Avoid using anything like headphones, hats, etc. to put stress on the area.

What Are the Risks Involved in Conch Piercing?

Sometimes this kind of piercing sometimes leads to complications like:

  • Abscess with pus
  • Keloid scars
  • Swollen or red skin
  • Fever
  • Chills
  • Redness
  • Green or yellow discharge

Many people ask how to treat swollen conch piercings. You can follow the above tips to enjoy the piercing phase without any worries.


The conch piercing is hurting as it is piercing the cartilage. If you think you can smoothly pull off the fashion, go for it! The pain is just a temporary issue. There are even many celebrities who are flaunting this fashion trend. The conch piercing is hurting as it is piercing the cartilage. If you think you can smoothly pull off the fashion, go for it! The pain is just a temporary issue.

There are various types of conch piercings as well like inner conch piercing, orbital conch piercing, etc. Thus, you must consult a stylist for the best pierce styling advice. Hope you are also aware of the celebrities who are flaunting this fashion trend! Be a fashionista with the latest ear piercing!

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Conch Piercing-FAQ’s

Will a Conch Piercing Hurt?

Honestly, the conch piercing hurts a bit more than conventional ear piercing. The reason is the involvement of the cartilage. The pain is short-lived and bearable. A proper after care will help you to recover from pain quickly.

When Can I Change My Conch Piercing?

You can only change the piece if your piercing is entirely healed. The conch piercing normally heals within a year. Once it is healed, you can now experiment with different jewelries.

How Much Is a Conch Piercing?

The cost will vary around $ 30 to $ 90. In Uk, a piercist will charge you around £ 27.00 for a single piercing and £ 50.00 for a pair. You can contact your nearest piercist to know the exact service charge.

What Gauge Is a Conch Piercing?

The usual gauge for conch piercing is 16. However, most people need 14 gauge. You must consult a professional regarding this matter. He/she will suggest which gauge is the best suited for you.

How Long Does Conch Piercing Take To Heal?

The healing period completely depends on the type of piercing. In case of needle piercing, it will take 6-9 months. The dermal piercing needs more time to heal for more than a year or sometimes one year. A proper aftercare regime also helps you to heal the conch piercing quickly.

Can You Pierce a Conch With a Hoop?

Small hoops are widely popular for outer conch piercing. However, they are not ideal for the initial piercing phase as they move a lot. If you are in for orbital piercing, hoop is the most popular choice.

Can I Wear Earbuds With a Conch Piercing?

Absolutely no, it may damage your piercing. Avoid wearing earbuds during the healing phase. The pressure from the earbuds will cause irritation, redness and pain in the delicate area.