9 Curly Hair Cutting Ideas To Bring Out Your Euphoric Side

Curly hair cutting ideas are something that can always add effervescence to your style if you are looking to enhance the texture and volume of your hair. Curls are the right choice for you, so brace yourself to find out 9 curly hairdos that will show your happy-go-lucky side to the world.

What Is Curly Hair Cutting?

In a curly haircut, a stylist cut your hair when it’s dry in a way that curls are cut where they sit naturally to give it a beautiful shape.

Different Hair Lengths & Curly Hair

As we move ahead to discuss moving ahead to curly haircutting ideas. Let’s get a basic knowledge of 3 different hair lengths and how they will look on your curly haircut.

Short Curly Hair

  • Curls with side bangs on short hair add bounce and enhance the volume of your hair.
  • You can either curl the bangs like other tresses or straighten them and tuck them behind your ears.
In this image show Short Curly Hair
Short Curly Hair

Mid Length Curly Hair

  • If you are going for mid-length curly hair curly bob and tousled curls are the most appropriate options for you.
  • Large loose waves and smaller ringlets are other hairstyles that will do just fine with shoulder-length haircuts.
In this image show Mid Length Curly Hair
Mid Length Curly Hair

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Long Curly Hair

  • Bouncy layers, textured shag, or polished cuts on long hair can help you get a flawless look.
  • You can also lighten up your curls by layering. One trendier hairstyle is to get Tendrils with or without a braiding section.
In this image show Long Curly Hair
Long Curly Hair

9 Trendy Curly Hair Cutting Ideas

Chic Curly Bob With Side Bangs

  • The curly bob is an appropriate haircut for styling your everyday look
  • Adding side-swept bangs will always add chicness to your style and to get a more casual look you can tuck the shorter side behind your ear.
In this image show Chic Curly Bob With Side Bangs
Chic Curly Bob With Side Bangs

Long Waves With Balayage

  • Tumbling curls and warm balayage are our all-time favorite combination
  • A textured V- cut on your long loose waves will complete you with a stylish look and turn all eyes around.
In this image show Long Waves With Balayage
Long Waves With Balayage

Mid-Length Curly Shag

  • Cutting your hair to mid-length shag will amazingly shape your face.
  • Babylight sparkle will just add the right amount of shine to your hair.
In this image show Mid-Length Curly Shag
Mid-Length Curly Shag

Medium Length U Cut

  • To enhance your curls, defining them and giving a more detailed look by adding highlights is a great way to do it.
  • To carry it flexibly, you can always wear it differently. It can be either parted sideways or down the middle.
In this image show Medium Length U Cut
Medium Length U Cut

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Curly Hair Cutting With Messy Curls

  • Talking about a rapturous look, there is nothing better than messy curls on mid-length hair.
  • It will provide you with a neat look and will inject a little sass into your style.
In this image show Curly Hair Cutting With Messy Curls
Curly Hair Cutting With Messy Curls

Bangs With Curly Long Hair

  • If you are tired of thinning your hairline the right way to wear your long curly hair is by cutting shaggy curly bangs.
  • Your hair will look more voluminous and textured when they spring up naturally.
In this image show Bangs With Curly Long Hair
Bangs With Curly Long Hair

Medium Length Wavy Hair

  • Adding mild waves to your shoulder-length hair will make your curls look adorable.
  • Waves on both sides of the hair will enhance the fullness of your hair.
In this image show Medium Length Wavy Hair
Medium Length Wavy Hair

Sensuous Soft Curls

  • Soft curls have never been out of trend. It can provide you with just the right amount of sensuality you need.
  • Soft curls are here to stay so frequently washing and applying natural oils to them will be life-changing.
In this image show Sensuous Soft Curls
Sensuous Soft Curls

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Layered spirals on Long Curly Hair

  • You can add definition to your curls by cutting your locks in layers it will also improve the texture of your curls.
  • Add highlights to your spirals to bring dimension to your hair.
In  this image show Layered spirals on Long Curly Hair
Layered spirals on Long Curly Hair


To conclude, curly haircuts are something we all have thought about getting once in a while. If you love curls then pick one of the above haircuts and ask your stylist to give you an extraverted look.

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Curly Hair Cutting-FAQ’s

Which Hair Cut Is Best For Curly Hair?

* The layered cut defines your curls adds volume, avoids unwanted poof, and provides shape to your hair.
* Some other great curly haircutting ideas are long curls with fringes, medium cut with highlights, side-parted short curls, center-parted curls, bangs and waves, side-swept bangs, and textured bob.

Should Curly Hair Be Cut In Layers?

Layers allow movement to curls and provide bounce to your hair adding curls promotes definition and texture and shapes your hair. Layering enhances your curls and protects you from a triangle head.

How Do You Cut Curly Hair?

The proper way to cut your curly hair is as: –
Cut your hair when it’s dry. Unlike straight hair after shampooing and detangling your hair you wait for it to dry.
* Detangle your hair for a balanced haircut.
* Cut your curly hair down the middle for an even haircut.
* Elevate properly for the density of your curls.
* Angle your hair while grasping between two fingers.
* Cut the hair off above your finger.

What Is The Trend For Curly Hair In 2023?

* Curly hair is finally getting embraced and girls are learning to treat their hair in the right manner. Curly hair has been in trend for decades and it is here to stay. This year’s trendiest curly haircut is going to be
* Layered locks, curly shag, curls with fringes, curly bob, soft curls, and long waves.