23 Curly Shag Haircut To Explore Beauty At It’s Best

If you’re always struggling to find a haircut for your curly hair, there’s some good news: a curly shag haircut is almost always the best match for your hair type. The curly shag haircut provides soft texture, volume, and lots of layers to the hair. It frames every face shape and draws attention to your best features. The more tangles there are, the more effortless it appears.

So, women out there who are spending high prices to get their curly hair straightened, keep reading to check out the top curly shag haircut.

What is a Curly Shag Haircut 

It’s a deeply layered hairstyle that provides a lot of thickness and volume to the curly hair of women who desire bulkiness and that extra attention. Curls can make the layers of a shag haircut look effortless.

Shag Haircut Curly Hair

  • The curly shag haircut is very common among celebrities. 
  • The shag cut is characterized by cutting featherlight soft long layers around the crown and a flat top. This haircut suits both long and short hair.
the image shows, zendaya with shag haircut curly hair
shag haircut curly hair

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Short Curly Shag Haircut

  • This haircut gives your layers a naturally messy and curly look while the overall length of the hair is cut short.
  • A short curly shag haircut is perfect for a bold woman.
the image shows, short curly shag haircut
short curly shag haircut

Long Curly Shag Haircut

  • The wavy locks and curly textured hair tucked behind the ears bring more volume to your naturally long curly hair.
  • This haircut will suit all face shapes.
the image shows, long curly shag haircut
long curly shag haircut

Curly Shag Haircut Men

  • Any man having naturally curly hair can go for a shag haircut to bring fullness to their hair. It adds volume to your locks. 
  • This look goes well with or without a beard.
the image shows, curly shag haircut men
curly shag haircut men

Mid Length Curly Shag Haircut

  • This haircut is for women who want to play it safe i.e. to have neither short nor long hair.
  • It makes your hair look fluffy with medium-length layers.
the image shows, mid length curly shag haircut
mid length curly shag haircut

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Curly Shag Haircut with Bangs

  • Want to take your curly shag haircut to the next level, try adding bangs to it. 
  • You can use a thin round brush to add volume to your choppy layered bangs.
the image shows, curly shag haircut with bangs
curly shag haircut with bangs

Curly Shag Haircut No Bangs

  • A curly shag haircut with no bangs is the best way to frame a face with naturally wavy hair.
  • The lengthy layers are slightly combed at the top to add height and enhance the hairstyle’s appearance.
the image shows, curly shag haircut with no bangs
curly shag haircut no bangs

Curly Shag Haircut Mixed

  • This haircut is a hybrid of curly shag haircut and a different style like fringes, layers, or a mullet. 
  • The length of the hair can be decided based on the preferences.
the image shows, curly shag haircut mixed
curly shag haircut mixed

Women Medium Shag Haircut Thick Curly Hair

  • This shag haircut cut is about shifting the weight of your thick bulky curly locks from the ends to the head. 
  • Finding a hairdresser who is comfortable cutting thick curly hair is a task.
the image shows, women medium shag haircut for thick curly hair
women medium shag haircut for thick curly hair

Curly Shag Bob Haircut

  • This curly shag bob haircut requires a blow dry on your wet hair in a medium setting to make you look blunt.
  • This haircut awakens the inner tomboy in you.
the image shows, curly shag bob haircut
curly shag bob haircut


80’s Shag Curly Haircut

  • The rockstars and singers of the 80s have rocked the shag curly haircut. 
  • It is all about deep layers and textured curls to give you a jaw-dropping look.
the image shows, 80's shag curly haircut
80’s shag curly haircut

Wavy Shag Haircut 

  • A shag haircut can add the wanted bounce to your wavy hair. It gives you a very feminine look when paired with bangs.
  • It gives your tresses a more defined look.
the image shows, wavy shag haircut
wavy shag haircut

Curly Shag Mullet 

  • Adding a Shaggy mullet to your naturally curly hair gives you a redefined version of yourself. The mullet cut has been existing since the 6th century.
  • It is trimmed short with longer sideburns and ends.
the image shows, curly shag mullet
curly shag mullet

Curly Pixie Shag Haircut 

  • You can wear it to office as well as to a party. 
  • Long consistent layers on top, long-scaled soft layers towards the face, and graded taper layers on the back and sides define this cut.
the image shows, curly pixie shag haircut
curly pixie shag haircut

Shag Curly Haircut with Micro Bangs

  • If you want a shag hairstyle inspired by the 1980s, try it with micro bangs. It will work on all types of hair lengths. 
  • Micro or baby bangs fall an inch or two down over your forehead.
the image shows, shag curly haircut with micro bangs
shag curly haircut with micro bangs

Round Layered Shag Haircut

  • This shoulder-grazing shag haircut features rounded layers in a step-cut approach. 
  • The layers are spaced widely giving a disjointed edgy rocking look.
the image shows, round layered shag haircut
round layered shag haircut

Deep Side-Swept Bangs With Shag Cut

  • The layers in this shag cut are placed at the top and cut smoothly. This is an ideal hairstyle for anyone with thin hair.
  • The bangs can be styled either on the left or right of the forehead.
the image shows, deep side swept bangs with shag cut
deep side swept bangs with shag cut

Razor Shag for Curly Hair 

  • The layers are cut in squares with a razor giving you a full shape. 
  • It provides fullness on the sides by transforming your locks.
the image shows, razor shag for curly hair
razor shag for curly hair

Emo Shag 

  • The emo shag cut is very trendy among teens. 
  • This hairstyle’s winning qualities are several layers with some of them having a dash of brilliantly colored highlights.
the image shows, emo shag
emo shag

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Hollywood Wavy Shag

  • Getting those perfect Hollywood waves may be tough but worth the effort. 
  • Blow dry the rolled ends of your hair around a round brush to get this look.
the image shows, hollywood wavy shag
hollywood wavy shag

Lob Shag

  • Consider this lob shag if you are an older woman who does not desire too many layers. 
  • These smooth layers mix in flawlessly without causing the ginger curls to stand out at odd angles.
the image shows, lob shag
lob shag

Curly Shag Haircut with Mohawk

  • The shag haircut with a mohawk on curly hair has been significantly modified but remains as edgy. 
  • More layers are added to the sides to bring out the naturally curly hair texture.
the image shows, curly shag haircut with mohawk
curly shag haircut with mohawk

Modern Shag

  • A modern shag has a thicker perimeter allowing for the volume provided by the layers. 
  • This shag haircut is about bluntness achieved by keeping the density around the edge of the hair.
the image shows, modern shag
modern shag


Now we know that the curly shag haircut is all about layers on top of layers and everything so chic and elegant. Who can forget Charlie’s Angels star Farrah Fawcett’s feathered shag hairstyle that was extremely desirable? So, try one of the curly shag hairstyles and look like a Rockstar.

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Curly Shag Haircut-FAQ’s

How to Cut a Shag Haircut on Fine Curly Hair?

* It is a tough task to cut fine curly hair.
* You need to cut vertical layers and then go back in and trim individual curls to split it up and give the hair a shag cut.

What is a Curly Shag Haircut?

* The curly hair is cut to have bangs and a lot of layers from the top to the ends.
* A shag perfectly fits with your highly textured curly hair.