9 Drop Fade Curly Hair: The Sober Yet Attractive Look

Another masterpiece is here to lure you into its stunning dimension-laden appearance. A must-try for curly hair men, the drop fade curly hair is all about finishing and perfect styling. The drop fade has already captivated the audience with its texture. When this is combined with curly hair, magic happens! So, your struggle to find the perfect haircut for your curls ends here!

The drop fade got its name by dropping near the ears, making a neat arc. The sides and back are shorter and cleaner, while the top is concentrated with the most hair volume. If curly hair is gorgeous, managing it is also a tiresome task. So, haircuts reduce the bulk of your head work as a blessing. The drop fade is one such haircut; it tames your unruly curls and makes them manageable. It also makes you look dashing! So choose your favorite drop fade curly hair and become your coolest version.

Low Drop Fade Curly Hair

  • This is a subtle yet eye-catching way to style your curly hair.
  • It starts an inch or two above your hairline and gives a modern touch to the look. It’s fresh, updated, and cool.
the image shows, Low Drop Fade Curly Hair
Low Drop Fade Curly Hair

Mid Drop Fade Curly Hair

  • To become the center of praise, the mid drop fade is an excellent way to amplify your dull hair.
  • This starts a little higher than the low drop fade, mainly focusing on the mid region. This is sophisticated and offers elegance.
the image shows, Mid Drop Fade Curly Hair
Mid Drop Fade Curly Hair

Drop Fade Curly Hair Black

  • Black men looking for a smooth transition in their looks can go for trying out the drop fade.
  • With those big curls of yours, drop fade can be blended perfectly. The look is so chic and effortless.
the image shows, Drop fade curly hair black
Drop fade curly hair black

High Drop Fade Curly Hair

  • The high drop fade looks extremely attractive and adds a bold touch to your personality.
  • Starting above the mid fade, it focuses on buzzed sides and a longer top. The textured top brings attention to your look. A must-try for some jazz!
the image shows, High drop fade curly hair
High drop fade curly hair

Drop Fade Curly Hair Long

  • Fond of long hair but want a rejuvenation? Get the drop fade to amplify the hairdo, and you are done.
  • This trendy style of curly hair paired with the drop fade is underrated. But once you see what it offers, you would love it.
the image shows, Drop fade curly hair long
Drop fade curly hair long

Mohawk Drop Fade Curly Hair

  • Mohawk is known for giving you a look so different that it shouts uniqueness and style.
  • The mohawk drop fade on curly hair is a perfect combination of fashion and coolness. Men with long hair can try this haircut.
the image shows, Mohawk drop fade curly hair
Mohawk drop fade curly hair

Curly Blowout Drop Fade

  • This extraordinary hairstyle is the source of compliments once you get it done correctly.
  • The blowout defines your daring fashion sense and how you can confidently rock any look.
  • Texturizing sprays create an extra volume of hair.
the image shows, Curly blowout drop fade
Curly blowout drop fade

Side Parted Curly Hair

  • Men looking for a gentlemanly look can go for this subtle side-parted hair.
  • The drop fade with the side partition adds a sense of modernity and class to your personality.
the image shows, Side parted curly hair
Side parted curly hair

Drop Fade Curly Hair With Design

  • Fresh and captivating. That’s what a design drop fade is all about.
  • The awesomeness it offers makes it a haircut worth trying. Go for it!
the image shows, Drop fade curly hair with design
Drop fade curly hair with design


A look that escalates your look and becomes the style statement loved by all. This look is best achieved by these nine drop fade curly haircuts. Go through the article and see what it offers you and how it can amplify your curly hair in style.

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Drop Fade Curly Hair- FAQs

What Fade is Best for Curly Hairs?

The low fade looks extremely stunning and attractive when styled on curly hair.
The natural bounce, texture and dimension it offers you is incredible. The shorter sides around the ears are subtle yet eye-catching.

What is High Fade Vs Low Fade Curly Hair?

The high fade starts from 3-4 inches above the ears with more volume of hair at the top. The look is edgy and bold.
The low fade is simply stylish and starts very low around the ears. It requires maintenance time to time.

What Do I Tell My Barber for a Drop Fade?

You can show your barber what length of drop fade you want. 
Show them the pictures to distinguish. Always go to a barber that knows your hair type and face shape for a perfect haircut.