Fix Bubbles in Nail Polish with These Easy Hacks

Isn’t it amazing to have nice and pretty nails? Well, well-manicured hands and a proper way to fix bubbles in nail polish can only bring such a look! Now imagine a morning when you wake up to encounter bubbles on your nail polish. Yes, we agree that it is indeed a nightmare! But do you know certain hacks can put an end to such devastating problems? It will also be your savior and won’t let your money go in vain. You must be aware of both the causes for these bubble formations and the prevention hacks. To know further you must scroll down.

Reason Behind Gel Polish Wrinkling

Surprisingly, there are various reasons why there are bubbles form on nail polish. You must learn the reasons first to understand the hacks so that you can fix bubbles in nail polish yourself at home.

  • The gel polish bubbling happens when you apply nail paint on wet nails.
  • The other usual cause is applying a thick coat at the first application. You can fix the problem with layers of thin coats rather than one chunky coat. Don’t be impatient! Once the applied coat dries, you can commence applying another.
  • These kinds of bubbles are expected if your nail paint is too old, thick, or has quality issues.
  • The shortcut is not the way to achieve the perfect look! You may think skipping a base or top coat will be perfect. And all your desires for attractive nails will perish!
  • Moisture and oil on your nails are also the primary enemies. The trace of lotion, food particles, and cuticle oil will prevent the nail paint from having a proper settlement on your nail. Moisture is another culprit! If there is moisture on the nails, in the nail paint, or the surrounding air, it will create air pockets in the nails.
  • The UV rays lamp is another of the major causes of gel polish wrinkling. These rays harden or polymerize the gel nail paint to make it more durable.
  • Before applying the paint, shaking the bottle is a common practice. The fact is, this practice creates air bubbles inside the bottle. Thus, these bubbles will create a problem during or post application.
  • Blow drying, waving, and shaking hands after applying the nail paint can also cause bubbles.
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Easy Methods to Fix Lumpy Gel Nails

Fix lump gel nails
Hacks to fix wrinkles in nail polish

If you have witnessed the lumps on your painted nails, do not worry. They are very common. However, you must be more cautious next time. To fix bubbles in nail polish, follow these easy-to-do simple steps:

  1. Wipe away the entire coat and start re-application: Sometimes, the bubble occurs in small areas. It is easy to fix. First, remove the entire paint from the nails and start over. Take an adequate quantity of the nail remover solution on a cotton pad. Rub the nail gently until the coat completely disappears. Let the bare nail idle for a few minutes. Now, your nail is all set to be painted again!
  2. Fixing the top coat: When the nail polish bubbles after the top coat, you can fix it in a jiffy. Fixing the top coat will be an all-in-solution to such a problem. After you apply the nail polish, don’t skip the top coat. Rest your nails till the coat is fully dry. It prevents bubble formation and makes your nails shiny.
  3. Adding Extra Coat: If the bubble is widespread, it is more likely to vanish only after applying an extra coat. Recoat the nail only when the previous one dries. Be extra careful at the time of recoating. Follow the previous hack to get a flawless look.

Before you rush to your manicurist, try these simple methods. You will surely be super successful. Moreover, kindly do not get panicky in this situation. It may ruin your entire manicure result!

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Hacks to Remove Gel Polish Bubbles After Curing?

Have you taken a manicure session? Are you frustrated about your gel polish bubbles? To fix gel polish bubbles after curing you must know the following hacks:

  • Make sure that the first coating of the nail paint is completely dried before the application of another layer.
  • Do not add a coat on the bubbled nail paint. It will make your nails lumpy and may chip. To fix it, apply thin coats instead.
  • When you are applying the first coat, do it promptly. Be patient and glide the brush smoothly across the nails. It blocks the bubbles. This is important to fix bubbles in nail polish.
  • Shade the extra nail paint from the applicator brush. An adequate quantity of paint on the brush will ensure a smooth application process.
  • Another method to fix bubbles in nail polish is the finger cots. Wear them on your fingers and dip them in the remover. As soon as the latex is wet, rest it on the table. Repeat the same methods for all the affected nails. The wet cot will stick to the paint. Pull them off. It prevents wrinkles. You can avail of these cots in online stores or shops near you.

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Ways to Prep Your Nails for a Shiny Look

Prepping nails for shiny look
Prep your nails so that your nail polish does not bubble/wrinkle


Many have the concepts that excessive showering can warp the gel nail paints. It is an utter misconception! The problem lies in your nails, not the water. Gel nail paints do not have enmity with water.

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Having a perfect nail is the key to an alluring look. Next time before painting your nails, ensure you have completed the steps below. This would ensure you would not have to fix bubbles in nail polish:

  • Dehydrate your nails before every nail polish application.
  • It should be free from oil, dirt, and lints.
  • Wipe your nails thoroughly with alcoholic wet tissues to make the polish settle.
  • The oils used in manicures can create an inhibition layer on the nails. The layer will make a gap preventing proper adhesion in the nails. Click here for celebrity hacks.
  • The solution of gel polish is to give a better is completely different from the usual nail paints. So, never make the mistake of shaking the bottle before application.

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Fix Bubbles in Nail Polish-FAQ’s

Will My Nails Get Affected With Bubbled Nail Polish?

Ans: The bubbling of the nail polish is only limited to the coats. It has no far reaching effects. Thus, your nails are purely safe! Further, you can easily fix bubbles in nail polish by following the steps above.

Which Nail Removers Are Best for Cleansing of the Gel Nail Paints?

Ans:- Conventional nail removers can remove gel nail polishes. If you are using a normal remover, you have to soak your nails for a longer time. There are customized gel polish removers available. You can also use acetone for quick removal.

Why Are There Bubbles on My Newly Applied Nail Coat?

Ans:- These bubbles are the air pockets formed due to improper application of nail coats. It can also form if your nails are not clean.

Do I Have to Visit a Manicurist to Remove Nail Bubbles?

Ans: No, you can try an effective home remedy like removal of the entire nail paint, applying a top coat, etc. But if it troubling you and you are unable to remove them, a manicurist visit can be the option.

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