Gel Polish Peeling Off? Here is How you Prevent & Fix it

Gel polish peeling off is the most annoying thing that can happen to anyone. Generally, gel polishing of the nails is known for durability. After a few days of a manicure, the nail coats start chipping! It is utterly devastating! Do not blame your manicure solely. There are other factors too which are responsible for the situation. Analyze all the factors to know the exact cause of premature peeling. However, gel-polished nails give a super shiny look to nails. These nail coats are known for their durability. This article features the common factors of gel peeling. Check out what is going wrong in your nail care routine!

Why is My Gel Polish Peeling Off?

There is never a disheartening situation like chipping off newly painted gel nail coats. The Gel Polish Peeling Off can happen due to several reasons. Let’s take a look at a few of them:

1. It Can Be the Lamp

Are you sure that your nails are cured the right way? Curing also has a significant effect on the durability of the gel paint. An old lamp with a whacked bulb is responsible!

Adjust the curing time accordingly in such cases. You can also seek a manicurist’s help. The only problem with the old lamp is the weak light! It does not have enough capacity to reach the base coat. Thus, only the top layer is cured. Check the lamp next time prior to curing!

Expert’s Words: It is no use fixing the old lamp! Replace it with a new UV lamp. Read all the given instructions. The instruction stated that time and watt coordination is essential. Do not skip reading it! For example: As the lamp is 46 watts, you only have to cure the nails for a minute. Do not over-cure.

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2. You have applied Thick Layers

Gel Polish Peeling Off requires multiple layers. But various layers do not mean thick coats! Thick coats do not promote proper bonding and curing. The thick layers promote rapid gel polish lifting.

Start applying a thin coat. Wait and wait till it completely dries. The myth is that no thick coat saves time. Instead, it ruins the entire look. Moreover, have some patience for one coat to dry.

Expert’s Words: The thick coat is terrible because it obstructs the penetration of the heating rays. Thus, the underlying layer will not get enough heat and will remain uncured. Thin layers, on the other hand, allow deep penetration. Hence, even circulation of heat will let the layers sit correctly. Try it next time!

3. Do You Have the Habit of Picking?

the image shows, bad nails due to nail polish peeling
do not peel the nail polish

Do you have a habit of picking your nail paint? Is it bad to peel off gel nails? Yes, it is! This habit can make you peel the top layer of the nail beside the gel coat. The removal of the top layer will make the nail uneven and brittle.

Applying nail polish on unhealthy nails will not bring out a good look. Do not go for gel coats if you cannot control your picking habit. It is not the right choice for you!

Expert’s Words: Picking can damage your nail tissues as well. Keeping bad habits at bay can make many healthy changes, right? Start working on it right now!

4. Mistakes During Cuticle Prepping

During the manicure process, it is normal to have loads of mistakes. Those mistakes are one of the factors of your gel polish lifting. Your cuticles may need to be well-prepared to embrace the gel paint. Improper setting of the cuticles or not trimming the hangnails can boost gel nail chipping. Thus, keep eyeballing the issue, whether you are doing your manicure at a salon or at home.

Expert’s Words: When you or your beautician is prepping your cuticles, make sure to do it correctly! Else, both time and money are wasted. A slight mistake can ruin your look!

Have You Patched Up?

Suppose your nail coat is lifted in the middle of the critical work. You can’t rush to the salon. Still, if you can, it’s OK! What will happen if you cannot?

Expert’s Words: Many ask, “how to you fix gel nails that have lifted at home”? Patching up is the ideal way to fix your nail polish. Carry a filer and the top coat to deal with such situations like a pro! Take out some free time, and fill the chipped area. Now conceal the portion with an identical top coat. It prevents further chipping.

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5. Dehydration of the Nails

The problem lies not only with the cuticles but also with the nails. One major problem associated with nails is inadequate moisturization. Haven’t you seen your manicurist applying remover or alcohol as a base layer before the gel coat? This is a technique of nail moisturization. Practice this trick at home as well. To achieve better adhesion, you can also use nail primers.

Expert’s Words: Never forget to moisturize your nails. Nail moisturization promotes better health and nourishes it for a better cosmetic look.

6. Exposure to Harsh Circumstances

Excessive exposure to heat while cooking, frequent dishwashing, and working with harsh chemicals will peel off the gel polish. The gel top coat separates from the nails, leaving an uneven outcome.

Expert’s Words: Latex gloves keep the hands protected. It makes sure that no harm comes to your beautiful nails.

7. Presence of Dust Particles

The presence of dust particles or oils on the nail beds for a layer. This layer prevents the strong bonding of the nail paint with the nail. Make sure you remove any dust particles or perform your process in a clean environment for Gel polish peeling off.

Expert’s Words: Clean your nails thoroughly before applying gel polish. You will understand the difference in the look!

How Do Prevent Gel Nails from Lifting?

the image shows, perfect gel nails
gel nails

It is real that gel polish is long-lasting. This is why all professionals prefer gel nail paints over ordinary nail paints. What will happen if there is a situation like gel polish peeling off? The below tips will show you how to make gel nails last longer.

  • Clean, Clean and Clean

Nail buffing can leave loads of dust particles as residue on the nails. Take an antiseptic to wipe away the particles. They result in weak adhesion of the gel nails. The improper adhesion causes lifting. Take a wipe (lint-free) and an alcoholic solution for deep nail cleansing.

  • Apply a Bonder and a Primer

The primer dehydrates the nail allowing the nail paint to sit properly. The function of the bonder is pausing the lift. Excessive use of bonders will be problematic! It will not allow the removal of the paint in the long run. So, apply the bonder only to the areas susceptible to lifting to fix your Gel polish peeling off.

  • Proper Stroke

Apply the paint only to the nails. Do not start the stroke from the cuticles. Apply a thin coat with an even stroke.

How to Stop Gel Nails from Peeling?

the image shows, the perfect gel nails for short nails
perfect gel nails

These short and quick tips will certainly stop gel polish from peeling off:

  1. Never ever pick your nails
  2. Clean your nails deeply
  3. Take well care of the cuticle beforehand
  4. Use a bonder on the chipping zone
  5. Apply primer as a base coat
  6. Moisturize or hydrate your nails
  7. All the layers must be thin
  8. Maintain proper strokes while applying the nail paint

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Gel polish lasts longer since it is made of methacrylate polymer. However, if it starts peeling, you must know that the problem is either with you or a professional. A minor mistake can cause gel polish lifting. Next time, make sure you are careful and follow all the tips. You will surely get an impressive result!

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Gel Polish Peeling Off-FAQ’s

Do Gel Nails Chip?

Yes, the gel nails certainly chip! There are many factors that are associated with it.

How to Remove the Sticky Layer on Gel Nails?

Take some isopropyl alcohol to remove the tacky layer of the gel nails. It really works!

Why Do Professionals Prefer Gel Nail Paints?

Professionals prefer gel coats because they stay on the nails for a long. Their shiny properties make your nails extra glam. 

Can I Fix the Gel Polishing Peel-off at Home?

Yes, it is not necessary to rush to your manicurist every time. File the chipped area to remove the brittle and cover it up with similar nail paint.

Do Gel Polished Nails Require Special Care?

Well, you must clean and moisturize your nails every day irrespective of gel polishing. Taking care of the nails promotes their growth and keeps them healthy.

Will My Picking Habit Take a Toll on Gel Polished Nails?

Yes, certainly! If you constantly pick your nails, the nail paint will start chipping. It will ruin your nail’s look and damage the top layer of the nail. Oops! All your investment will go in vain.