20 Caramel Balayage To Become The Ultimate Fashionista!

Whenever you think there is nothing more to try, you discover another masterpiece because fashion has no limits. And with the increasing technology and demands, creativity is at its peak. Such a creative invention was the balayage. Balayage is not a color; it refers to the way hair color is applied to the hair. It

Blonde Highlights for Your Next Exquisite Look!

Trying styles is what a girl loves the most. And when it’s her hair, she wants everything to be perfect and exceptional. Well, if you are thinking about changing your style and surprising everyone with your new looks, you are at the right place. In this article, you will come across some of the trendy,

Box Braids [latest Designs + DIY Guide]

What’s new Box Braids hairstyles can I try? The question keeps swirling in our mind? Am I right? Now you must be imagining hairstyles in which you could just rock the world! Hair being the paramount asset of a woman always gets special attention. Styling their hair is the prime concern of a woman and

Top 13 Dirty Blonde Hair Colors That You Have to Try!

Baffled by the name! This dirty blonde hair is all set to make its way in the fashion world and has already started establishing itself among many people. Don’t get worried seeing the name, because it has nothing to do with your hair being dirty. It accounts for the color usage in the hair to

15 Amazing Balayage Hair You Must Try

This new, low maintenance and effortless balayage hair have taken over the floors with its increasing daily popularity. The term “Balayage” does not signify any specific color but defines the process of applying the color. The balayage hair color is applied to the hair by the hands without using foil. You can even try different