How to Get Fluffy Hair 7 Stylists’ Tips and Tricks to Try

Hairstyles for men have been revolutionized over the years with updations so chic and breathtaking you can’t resist! Defining your aura and making you the center focus, hairstyles have evolved to offer men what they seek. One such 19th-century popular hairstyle is back with a bang, this time in a modernized way. Fluffy hair is making men go crazy over this voluminous and fuzzy look. But the question is how to get fluffy hair. Not to worry, we are here to provide information about fluffy hair and how you could effortlessly achieve this look. 

What Does Fluffy Hair Mean?

Fluffy hair is all about the light, feathery, versatile, and voluminous touch of your regular hair. The perfectly styled fluffy hair looks glossy and glamorously pleasing and offers an extra dimension to the hair. In the 19th century, long fluffy hair was a common hairdo of both men and women of fashion. This fluffiness has come a long way to provide you with a trendy and unique look to let the crowd know your style.

But a very common mistake made by people these days is interlinking fluffy hair with poofy hair. These two are very different from each other in every aspect. Poofy hair is a natural term that causes a kinky and voluminous outlook of the hair due to excess humidity and improper maintenance. It develops tangles and makes it look disgusting. On the other hand, fluffy hair is achieved intentionally or by a professional. 

So, if you want to look your best, it’s time to try out these best ways to get the fluffy hair look.

Get a Layered Haircut

  • This is the easiest way to achieve an effortless fluffy hair look.
  • Layered cut adds dimension and texture to the dull hair and offers fullness. The moisturizing spray is what you need to set your hair.
  • Ask your hairstylist what you need, and you are done with this soft and light hairstyle.
the image shows, layered haircut
layered haircut

Blow Drying is the Key

  • Use medium heat with high-speed blow and blow dry it in all directions to offer fullness. 
  • Use smaller sections of the hair at a time to ensure proper coverage. 
  • This gives you the desired soft, light, and easily manageable look.
the image shows, blow dried hair
blow dried hair

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Use a Round Brush

  • Do you know the question trending on the internet these days? It’s, “how to get fluffy hair guys?”
  • To relieve you from asking this question, these simple tricks are here to fulfill your wish. Women often use of a round brush.
  • For men, wrap smaller chunks of the hair around the round brush upwards and blow dry them. After some time, the desired look can be seen.
  • You can blow dry it upside-down and then comb it with a boar-bristle brush for a fluffy look.
the image shows, fluffy hair
fluffy hair

Dry Shampoo

  • When in a hurry, dry shampoo works as a godsend product. This helps in absorbing the excess oil and dirt from your hair, thereby providing a lighter texture.
  • Always keep a dry shampoo to lift your drained-down hair. The amplified look is what you were looking for!
the image shows, use of dry shampoo for fluffy hair
use of dry shampoo for fluffy hair

Use of a Hair Diffuser

  • A hair diffuser works like magic by saving you time and making your hair get the exact look you want. It works best on curls.
  • It dries the hair quickly and makes every strand stand out, making them look fresh and rejuvenating. 
  • The easily achieved fluffy hair look by a hair diffuser is preferred by most men. Give it a try!
the image shows, hair diffuser for curls
hair diffuser for curls

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Teasing the Hair

  • This might sound not so convenient and rely on adding fluffiness, but it is experts’ advice.
  • The regular teasing and flipping of hair strengthen the roots and create extra space to provide movement.
  • Change sides, flip, and tease them once every week to ensure perfect voluminous hair. Perform this regularly to get maximum results.
the image shows, flipped hair
flipped hair

Create Volume Naturally

  • Healthy hair is the key to stunning and happy hair. Intake of vitamins A, B, C, D, and E helps to boost hair growth.
  • Even using hair masks can help you achieve a healthy and fluffy look. Hair masks consisting of aloe vera, honey, apple cider vinegar, and lemon juice can prove to be beneficial.
the image shows, foods providing healthy hair growth
healthy hair growth

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How to Get Fluffy Hair After a Shower?

  • Start using a shampoo that suits your hair type, keeping the hair tangled-free and depriving it of excess dryness.
  • Use hair thickening conditioners to add volume. Using serums and nourishing oils after a shower can benefit you in ways you can’t imagine!
  • Do not use a towel as it is a rough cloth. Use a cotton cloth to dry your hair.
  • Now apply heat protectant serums before starting blow drying. Cup up smaller sections of the hair and blow dry it in the opposite direction to ensure fluffiness.
  • This process instantly offers your hair the volume and soft touch you wish for.

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