11 Dazzling Ideas To Style Your Jumbo Box Braids

Jumbo Box Braids are a popular protective braid type among many people! The enormous girth and increased parting designs of these box braids distinguish them. These stunning thick braids are simple to create and ideal for hot summer days. Go no further than jumbo box braid for a quick way to style your textured locks. But, perfecting these box braids will require some practice and imagination. Yet, once you’ve perfected the technique of these braids, you’ll be able to show them off wherever you go!

These braids can last for up to three months hence saving you time, effort and money. These braids are extremely fashionable and stand out when matched with any attire or done with any trend hue and glittering hair item. We’ve included a jumbo box braid guide below to assist you.

Jumbo Box Braids

  • Jumbo box braid are a larger and thicker type of the well-known African-rooted protective hairstyle that separates natural hair into boxy shapes.
  • They are completely low-maintenance because larger and thicker braided ones require fewer components.
In This Image Show: jumbo box braids
jumbo box braids

Long Jumbo Box Braids

  • This hairstyle is for women with long hair. Jumbo Box braid are three-strand braided hairstyles that emerged from box braids. 
  • It is a larger version of protective braiding hairstyles that divide your natural hair into boxy shapes. 
In This Image Show:Long Jumbo Box Braids
Long Jumbo Box Braids

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Giant Jumbo Box Braids

  • This hairstyle gives you the voluminous look that you have always wished for.
  • Your giant and thick braids have a visible knot at the base. It is a high-maintenance style that requires that extra effort. 
In This Image Show: Giant Jumbo Box Braids
Giant Jumbo Box Braids

Jumbo Box Braids With Beads

  • It’s easy to grow tired of simple jumbo box braid after a few weeks. With a few beaded accessories, you may breathe fresh life into your protective style. 
  • Put them into your braids as you choose and watch your simple hairstyle morph into something magical!
In this Image Show: Jumbo Box Braids With Beads
Jumbo Box Braids With Beads

Triangle Jumbo Box Braids

  • Did you know there’s another technique to enhance the beauty of jumbo box braid with an eye-catching patterned parting? 
  • Because your partings are so obvious with gigantic box braids, try this amazing triangle design for an edgy hair appearance.
In This Image Show: Triangle Jumbo Box Braids
Triangle Jumbo Box Braids

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Jumbo Box Braids With Curly Ends

  • Curly tresses offer a spicy bounce to your thick braided hair. You can wear your braids with sparse curls or with more curls and fewer braids. 
  • The hair’s wide tendrils gave it a charming, bohemian vibe.
In This Image Show: Jumbo Box Braids With Curly Ends
Jumbo Box Braids With Curly Ends

Jumbo Box Braids High Ponytail

  • Jumbo box braid are beautiful and add volume to your hair. A high ponytail is an excellent way to show them off.
  • Tie your gigantic box braids in a basic high ponytail to keep them out of your face on hot days or when working out.
In This Image Show: Jumbo Box Braids High Ponytail
Jumbo Box Braid High Ponytail

Blunt Cut Jumbo Box Braids

  • Instead of going for tapered, natural-looking ends, fasten the ends of your giant braids a couple of inches before the ends with hair elastics. 
  • Trim the ends uniformly to give them a blunt-cut appearance. 
In This Image Show: Blunt Cut Jumbo Box Braids
Blunt Cut Jumbo Box Braid

Multicolor Threaded Jumbo Box Braids

  • Want to get that returning to school vibes by adding a splash of color to your hairstyle? 
  • To create a bright and fresh hair appearance, accent some of your braids with these colorful threads twisted in a zigzag pattern and tie them up in a half bun.
In This Image Show: Multicolor Threaded Jumbo Box Braids
Multicolor Threaded Jumbo Box Braid

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Spider Jumbo Box Braids

  • It’s a weird world out there when it comes to constructing partings for your gigantic box braids. 
  • These spider web partings elevate the aesthetic to an entirely new, extremely fascinating level.  
In This Image Show: Spider Jumbo Box Braids
Spider Jumbo Box Braid

Jumbo Box Braids Bun

  • You don’t want your jumbo box braid flying all over the place, do you? No worries. 
  • Tie them up in a huge top bun that you may wear to a wedding or while lounging around the house. 
In This Image Show: Jumbo Box Braids Bun
Jumbo Box Braid Bun


You can pull these stunning adaptable braids up into any hairstyle you want! Just remember to moisturize daily for healthier and more amazing results. Walk like a diva with these eye-catching pieces cascading down your back!

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Jumbo Box Braid -FAQ’s

How Many Braids Do Jumbo Box Braid Require?

* Because of the length of the braids, additional hair is required. The more packets you’ll need, the longer they are.
* 6 to 8 is sufficient for thick hair. If your hair is less abundant, 3 to 5 is plenty.2-3 packs of braiding hair are sufficient to make 18 large box braids.

How Long Do Jumbo Box Braid Last?

* Jumbo box braid can last up to 7-8 weeks with proper care.
* So, remember to look after them on a regular basis.