11 Low Burst Fade Ideas: The Charming Look!

Affixing its position among the most loved trends, the burst fade is presenting variations so chic that it can’t be missed! Among its various styles, the low burst fade is everything about the class, edginess, and an attractive way to level up your hair game stylishly. There is a myriad of low burst fades to get an impeccable look that is not just office friendly but also improves your hairstyling.

What is a Low-Burst Fade Haircut?

With the sides being short and the texture concentrated at the top, the burst fade involves tapering around the ear and neck. The sides and back are rounded or curved to give the well-known burst fade look. The low burst fade is about shorter sides with not too high a fade. The fade is kept low to give it a minimalistic look. The low burst fades are so designed that they look sober yet inviting, most refreshingly.

This article offers you 11 trendy and eye-catching low-burst fade ideas that are sure to be this 2023. Have a look, choose your favorite, and head straight to your barber.

Low Burst Fade Mohawk

  • The mohawk and burst fade go hand in hand. The cut is a simple yet stylish way to have a unique look.
  • So, let’s bring the charm to your dull hair!
the image shows, Low Burst Fade Mohawk
Low Burst Fade Mohawk

Low Burst Fade Mullet

  • Get ready with the dazzling haircut of the season, the mullet.
  • The low burst mullet is yet another stunning version of the burst fades. The hair is mainly at the back and the top with sides buzzed.
the image shows, low burst fade mullet
low burst fade mullet

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Low Burst Fade Curly Hair

  • This smooth and alluring curly hair burst fade look is all hearts!
  • The low fade offers a groovy and smart appearance to your look. So, curly hair men, it’s time to join the trend!
the image shows, Low Burst Fade Curly Hair
Low Burst Fade Curly Hair

Low Burst Fade Straight Hair

  • When was the last time you styled your straight hair? Well, give it a twist of the burst fade.
  • Low burst on straight hair is not just bold and dramatic but also upscale and crazy. A must-try!
the image shows, Low Burst Fade Straight Hair
Low Burst Fade Straight Hair

Low Burst Fade Wavy Hair

  • So, if you are a fan of effortlessness and finishing, wavy hair with some texturizing spray is the one for you.
  • Add the charm of low burst fade to your wavy hair, and you are all set to steal hearts.
the image shows, Low Burst Fade Wavy Hair
Low Burst Fade Wavy Hair

The Low Burst Fade Pompadour

  • Famous as the gentlemen’s hairstyle, the pompadour with low burst fade is fantastic for every man.
  • Keep the pompadour short and the burst low to have a fuss-free, effortless look.
the image shows, The low burst fade pompadour
The low burst fade pompadour

Cropped Burst Fade

  • If burst fade is new to you, then the cropped burst fade can be the ideal way to start with the cut.
  • The hair is kept as short as you desire, and the burst is maintained at a lower level to keep up the simplicity.
the image shows, Cropped burst fade
Cropped burst fade

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The Low Burst Fade With Design

  • Want to try something out of the box? Then get yourself a design that best suits your personality.
  • The low burst with a design is an expression of wildness and robustness. This particular haircut is getting all the love nowadays.
the image shows, The low burst fade with design
The low burst fade with design

Low Burst Fade Black

  • Initially worn by black men, the low burst fade has come a long way. 
  • Be it short afro hair, long hair, or buzzed hair, low burst looks great on black men, ready for something stunning.
the image shows, Low burst fade black
Low burst fade black

Burst Fade Low Taper

  • The taper has marked its position among the breathtaking hairstyles of the season.
  • And when this taper is combined with the so-chic burst fade, magic is bound to happen.
  • So, this 2023, go for a haircut defining you the best, the burst fade low taper.
the image shows, burst fade low taper
burst fade low taper

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Low Burst Fade Long Hair

  • Whether short hair, buzzed hair, or long hair, burst fade offers you possibilities in every section.
  •  So, if you are a fan of long hairs, the low burst fade could be your next stop. Go for the one in the image.
the image shows, low burst fade long hair
low burst fade long hair


These 11 low-burst fades are here to guide you through your next hairdo. If you are not into boldness, this minimal, inviting, and exciting low-burst fade style can offer you everything you have been searching for. Go ahead; it’s time for a new haircut!

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Low Burst Fade-FAQ’S

What is a Low Burst Fade?

* It consists of a low fade followed by a rounded cut near the ear and neck.
* The top is all about textured hair. Style it in any way you desire.

Is a Burst Fade a Mullet?

* No, a burst fade is not a mullet. The mullet contains shorter hair at the top and longer at the back.
* The burst fade contains round cut near the ear and neck with volume at the top.

What is a Zero Fade?

Usually taper fade is referred to as the zero fade which contains some hair at the bottom.
It looks stylish and can be worth trying!