11 Messy Edgar Haircut: Your Next Hot Look

Messy hair attracts; messy hair makes you look carefree yet fashionably hot! So, when it comes to styling your hair, why not add the charm of messiness this season? The Messy Edgar Haircut is inviting men all around the globe to get this fresh and versatile haircut.

You may remember the edgar haircut as the meme content, but it’s time to learn more about it. Because the traditional edgar haircut, named after the baseball player Edgar Martinez has come a long way and now offers many possibilities for styling hair. It looks very similar to a caesar cut. 

The best part about an edgar is its low maintenance, impressive look, and versatile comeback in the fashion industry. And so, here we are with a bunch of trendy messy edgar haircuts that are a must-try!

Long Messy Edgar Haircut

  • Long-hair edgar is a diversion from the regular edgar cut. Texture and volume are added to your long hair, followed by the edgar.
  • Create this messy edgar haircut with your long hair as your next style.
the image shows, long messy edgar haircut
long messy edgar haircut

Textured Edgar Haircut

  • Texture and messiness go hand-in-hand. Get a fringe to intensify your messy look.
  • This textured Edgar is sure to win you many compliments.
the image shows, textured edgar haircut
textured edgar haircut

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Messy Edgar Haircut

  • Get the sides shaven and the edgar haircut messy on top.
  • This captivating look can be your new haircut for this year. A must-try for men wanting a unique look.
the image shows, messy edgar haircut
messy edgar haircut

Choppy Edgar Haircut

  • Ask your hairstylist to create a choppy look involving many different hair lengths and sections.
  • This neat and striking look is definitely an eye-catcher.
the image shows, choppy edgar haircut
choppy edgar haircut

Messy Edgar With Beard

  • Add a beard for a sharp and dramatic look. Short messy edgar with a beard is an excellent option.
  • This rejuvenation can make you the center of attention!
the image shows, messy edgar with beard
messy edgar with beard

Messy Edgar Taper Fade

  • Fade is already the go-to choice of most men. So, why not add some twist to it by getting a messy edgar taper fade?
  • Get the edgar haircut messy hair for the dapper version of yourself.
the image shows, messy edgar taper fade
messy edgar taper fade

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Curly Edgar Haircut

  • Curly hair is voluminous and full of styling options. If you have curly hair, go for an Edgar cut this time.
  • The curls will give the illusion of a messy edgar haircut. A must-try for an impressive look.
the image shows, curly edgar haircut
curly edgar haircut

Afro Messy Edgar

  • So you think edgar is not for afro-haired men? It obviously is and looks excellent when styled correctly.
  • Accentuate your afro hair with the messy edgar hair.
the image shows, messy edgar
afro edgar

Messy and Colored Edgar

  • Ready to explore the hottie inside you? Then style your edgar with a bold and eye-catching color.
  • A messy and colored Edgar is all you need to amp up the hair game.
the image shows, messy and colored edgar
messy and colored edgar

Bowl Edgar

  • Get the traditional Edgar as a bowl and create a messy look with hair sprays or gels.
  • A classic and good-looking haircut is all this is.
the image shows, bowl edgar
bowl edgar

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Buzzed Sides Scruffed Edgar

  • For a rocking look, buzzed sides and scruffed edgar can be ideal.
  • This personable look is enough to make you the most attractive.
the image shows, buzzed sides scruffed edgar
buzzed sides scruffed edgar

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Messy Edgar Haircut-FAQ’s

How Do You Get a Messy Edgar Haircut?

It would be best if you asked your hairstylist to give you an edgar cut and then style it with some hair sprays and gels for a long finish.
Also, grow your hair a bit to get the perfect messy look.

Is a Messy Hairstyle Attractive?

This is the most attractive, impressive, and effortless look on a man.
You can always go for a messy hairstyle; it intensifies your look.

How Do You Ask for a Messy Edgar Haircut?

Choose your favorite Edgar cut and ask your barber to shape your hair accordingly.
You can even show the photo of the cut you want.