How to Take Off Acrylic Nails: Easy Steps for Safe Removal

Capturing every lady’s heart with its attractive and gorgeous looks, these acrylic nails have started to rule the fashion world. Who doesn’t love them? Although with the introduction of gel nails, nail stickers, or dip powders, acrylics are mostly preferred by almost everyone. The reason is its long-lasting quality. Also nail care should be your

How To Prevent Hangnails and Heal Cuticles [Preventive Tips]

Hangnails’ is a common term associated with nail care, trimming, and manicure. The renowned dermatologists always ask to prevent hangnails and heal cuticles. Do you know why? Well, hangnails are fragile skin conditions. Hope you can now realize why it hurts so much! Many nerves also have their endings at the cuticles. In fact, this

Refilling Acrylic Nails: All You Need to Know

How many times can you fill acrylic nails is the most trending question among the ladies for refilling acrylic nails. The bitter truth is acrylic nails need a lot of maintenance! The acrylic nails involve a strong manicure process and can last upto two months. But are you aware of the fills? The infills are

Check Amazing Slip Solution Alternative for Polygel Nails!

Polygel generally refers to one of the methods of nail care and their enhancements. It comes hand-in-hand with the poly gel slip solution and the slip solution alternatives. Have you ever curated nail art with poly gel and slip solution? They are the ideal combinations to give your nails a never-before look. It is said

Gel Polish Not Curing? Know the Reasons and Solutions

Who doesn’t love well designed and polished nails? Those beautiful, shining and glittery pieces of art have your whole heart. Every now and then you love trying some unique style to refresh your nail beauty. The vastness of nail fashion is just unimaginable, you may want to experiment with every uniqueness they offer you. Not