Russian Manicure: Why is It Controversial Trend?

The irony of a Russian manicure lies in the fact that it is famous because it is controversial rather than the benefits it offers us. So before you jump to any conclusions, you must know the full-proof truth about the Russian manicure. What is a Russian Manicure? Unlike regular standard manicures, a Russian manicure is

How to Take Off Acrylic Nails: Easy Steps for Safe Removal

Capturing every lady’s heart with its attractive and gorgeous looks, these acrylic nails have started to rule the fashion world. Who doesn’t love them? Although with the introduction of gel nails, nail stickers, or dip powders, acrylics are preferred mainly by almost everyone. The reason is its long-lasting quality. Also, nail care should be your priority,

How To Prevent Hangnails and Heal Cuticles [Preventive Tips]

Hangnails’ is a common term associated with nail care, trimming, and manicure. The renowned dermatologists always ask to prevent hangnails and heal cuticles. Do you know why? Well, hangnails are fragile skin conditions. Hope you can now realize why it hurts so much! Many nerves also have their endings at the cuticles. In fact, this

Gel Polish Peeling Off? Here is How you Prevent & Fix it

Gel polish peeling off is the most annoying thing that can happen to anyone. Generally, gel polishing of the nails is known for durability. After a few days of a manicure, the nail coats start chipping! It is utterly devastating! Do not blame your manicure solely. There are other factors too which are responsible for the situation.

Check Amazing Slip Solution Alternative for Polygel Nails!

Polygel generally refers to one of the methods of nail care and their enhancements. It comes hand-in-hand with the poly gel slip solution and the slip solution alternatives. Have you ever curated nail art with poly gel and slip solution? They are the ideal combinations to give your nails a never-before look. It is said

Gel Polish Not Curing? Know the Reasons and Solutions

Who doesn’t love well designed and polished nails? Those beautiful, shining and glittery pieces of art have your whole heart. Every now and then you love trying some unique style to refresh your nail beauty. The vastness of nail fashion is just unimaginable, you may want to experiment with every uniqueness they offer you. Not

Fix Bubbles in Nail Polish with These Easy Hacks

Isn’t it amazing to have nice and pretty nails? Well, well-manicured hands and a proper way to fix bubbles in nail polish can only bring such a look! Now imagine a morning when you wake up to encounter bubbles on your nail polish. Yes, we agree that it is indeed a nightmare! But do you

How to Make Nail Glue at Home (DIY Nail Glue the Right Way)

Why invest money in readymade expensive glues when you can make DIY nail glue? Are you wondering how to make nail glue at home? Researchers have found synthetic glue is responsible for damaging nail beds in the long run. Besides, aren’t they expensive? The pros of using DIY nail adhesive are it contains nail-friendly components. And

UV Vs LED Nail Lamp – Know The Complete Differences

When we talk about gel nail polishes, immediately, the thought of a nail lamp strikes us. Everyone knows the purpose of these lamps, which is to cure the gel polishes as they take time to harden. But do you know the basic difference between the two most commonly used lamps for healing gel polishes? Uv vs

Base Coat On Nails: Everything You Need To Know

You must start with the base coat if you want a long-lasting manicure. I was hoping you would need to go to the expensive salon for the manicure because I’m sharing all information about a base coat and how to apply it for a long-lasting and perfect manicure. Nail care is something you need to follow religiously, and a

How to Apply Nail Stickers and Remove Them Safely

Fashion has no limits. One day you will learn about something new and fresh, the other day you will be mesmerized by some other form of beauty. When it comes to nails, options available for you are infinite. So, are you willing to try something different, fresh and eye-catching? Go on, have a look at

Substitutes for Nail Glue That are Long-Lasting & Safe

Have you done with nail glues? Try these Substitutes for nail glue; they are not rough like nail glues. We all know that fingernails exist in all human beings and animals. It supports our fingertips, helps us do different tasks, and gives us a grip on something. Finger cover prevents us from bacteria and viruses

Paraffin Manicure: Everything You Need to Know

When it comes to beauty and health, we want the best. So what do you think is the best and the most preferred beauty and health offering manicures for our hands? Ever heard of a paraffin manicure and how it is an ideal way to help boost the moisture, smoothness and longevity of a perfect-looking

DIY Nail Strengthening at Home for Naturally Strong Nails

The world is in a rush, and so are we; taking care of ourselves has become the last thing to do. Due to improper supplementation of nutrition, frequent exposure to water, regular use of nail polishes, and various other factors, the most noticeable part of our body remains unnoticed. Our nails, too, need proper care,

How to Remove Nail Glue Safely and Easily

Lover of nail beauty! You must be aware of different types of nail art. Gels and acrylics are quite problematic methods of nail art. Though many women love them when it comes to long-term and daily usage, press-on nails are preferred and loved by all. You get these press-on nails with the help of nail