How to Make Nail Glue at Home (DIY Nail Glue the Right Way)

Why invest money in readymade expensive glues when you can make DIY nail glue? Are you wondering how to make nail glue at home? Researchers have found synthetic glue is responsible for damaging nail beds in the long run. Besides, aren’t they expensive? The pros of using DIY nail adhesive are it contains nail-friendly components.

Box Braids [latest Designs + DIY Guide]

What’s new Box Braids hairstyles can I try? The question keeps swirling in our mind? Am I right? Now you must be imagining hairstyles in which you could just rock the world! Hair being the paramount asset of a woman always gets special attention. Styling their hair is the prime concern of a woman and

Everything You Need to Know About Base Coat

You must start with the base coat if you want a long-lasting manicure. I was hoping you would need to go to the expensive salon for the manicure because I’m sharing all information about base coat and how to apply it for a long-lasting and perfect manicure. Nail care is something you need to follow

How to Apply Nail Stickers and Remove Them Safely

Fashion has no limits. One day you will learn about something new and fresh, the other day you will be mesmerized by some other form of beauty. When it comes to nails, options available for you are infinite. So, are you willing to try something different, fresh and eye-catching? Go on, have a look at

Substitutes for Nail Glue That are Long-Lasting & Safe

Have you done with nail glues? Try these Substitutes for nail glue; they are not rough like nail glues. We all know that fingernails exist in all human beings and animals. It supports our fingertips, helps us do different tasks, and gives us a grip on something. Finger cover prevents us from bacteria and viruses