How To Prevent Hangnails and Heal Cuticles [Preventive Tips]

Hangnails’ is a common term associated with nail care, trimming, and manicure. The renowned dermatologists always ask to prevent hangnails and heal cuticles. Do you know why? Well, hangnails are fragile skin conditions. Hope you can now realize why it hurts so much! Many nerves also have their endings at the cuticles. In fact, this is the major reason for that shrill pain! Are you flabbergasted? No worries! You can binge deep into this article to know about some of the amazing remedies. This article also comprises dermatology-based do’s and don’ts for future prevention. Stop lingering and try one of the remedies now!

Why Do I Keep Getting Hangnails?

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The sarcasm of hangnail is that it is not related to the nail! It is a part of the skin that can come out from any side of the nail bed. Since this tiny torn part of the skin hangs loose, it is known as a hangnail. Have you seen hangnails on your toes? Though it happens, it is rare!

You can get hangnails due to many reasons:

  • Frequent usage of alcohol-based hand sanitiser
  • Nail biting or picking
  • Exposure to water at regular intervals
  • Cutting of the cuticles.
  • Cold winter days
  • Skin trauma like a cut from a scissor or knife
  • Drying out of the skin. Thus, swimming in a pool of chlorinated water can be a major cause of such protruding skin.

People who are engaged in the following occupations are likely to encounter frequent hangnails:

  • Carpenters
  • Nurses
  • Builders
  • Doctors
  • Foodstuff

Think about what causes hangnails in these professions. These people often suffer from this skin condition because their fingers are intensely involved with their professions. Bad hangnails are the ones that give you lots of pain and suffering. So beware of it!

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How to Remove Hangnails?

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hangnails removed

Cutting or trimming is not the ultimate way how to fix a hangnail. To prevent hangnails you must follow these cardinal rules:

  • Washing Hands

Washing hands will not remove the germs and dirt but also soften the hangnails. Use warm water along with soap solution to get instant results.

  • Moisturization

To moisturize your hands you can take any petroleum jelly or moisturizer. Gently rub it on the hangnails.

  • Clip the Hangnails

Sterilize the cuticle cutter or the nail clipper before trimming off the hangnails. Do not press the area too hard. If you are bleeding, press hard on the area until the flow stops.

  • Coat the Area

Trimming the hangnails will expose your skin to infection. Re-application of moisture creates a protective layer on the skin.

How to Prevent Hangnails?

the image shows, how to prevent hangnails
preventing hangnails

To prevent hangnails from growing, you must chew them off. Biting or tearing is not an effective prevention method for hangnails growing. Underneath them lie the blood vessels and the nerves. Thus, your bad habit can be responsible for the cause of infection, pain and, bleeding.

The below precautions will help the skin to be at the best of its health:

  • Do not ever think of cutting the cuticles!
  • Wear your gloves prior to doing any heavy-duty handwork.
  • Apply a thick moisturizing cream at night.
  • Avoid using nail remover that contains acetone.
  • Daily moisturization of your hands will keep your skin healthy and strong.

Watch the video to get the tips in video format:

How to Heal a Hangnail?

Not all hangnails are the same! Normally, hangnails may sometimes sting or irritate or don’t even bother you at all. Bad hangnails indicate worsening conditions like chills and fever. This is a sign of the expansion of the infection.

You are not required to see a doctor for a typical hangnail situation unless you have any of the prevailing health issues:

  • The hangnail stays for more than 5-7 days.
  • Nail discolouration or weakness
  • You are diabetic
  • The infection spreads from the affected nails down to the finger or upward to the nail
  • You are suffering from a condition that triggers bleeding.

The doctor may recommend you an antibiotic after scrutinizing the severity of the infection.

Where Can I Find the Cuticle and What is It?

The layer of the skin that is attached to the bottom of the toenail or the fingernail is the cuticle. It is also called a nail bed. This delicate area can get affected due to infection, damage, and dryness. It protects the baby’s (new) nails from the germs when they start coming out from the nail root.

The changes in the cuticles can be related to several other medical conditions in the body. For example: If you see tiny lumps on the cuticles, those cysts are associated with arthritis. See a doctor at the earliest in such conditions.

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Why Do the Cuticles Dry?

To know the cause of cuticle drying you must be aware of how to moisturize cuticles. Moisturization of the cuticles is the most common way to prevent them from further drying. You can also try other methods like:

  • Cuticle Oil

This product is a blend of essential oils like jojoba oil, grapeseed oil, aloe vera, and other similar organic ingredients. It gets quickly absorbed into the skin and prevents it from drying further. Take a tiny drop of oil on your fingertip and gently massage it onto the cuticle. Read about all the ingredients before you buy one from the nearest drug or beauty store.

  • DIY Biotin Solution

Biotin is known to make the cuticles strong. Combine the liquid or the powder with coconut oil, argan oil, and Vitamin E to create a powerful DIY cuticle nourishing solution.

  • Coconut Oil

This is the cheapest way to feed your cuticles. The saturated fat of this oil heals cuticles from the core.

  • Cuticle Cream

The cuticle ointment is used for dry cuticle treatment. This ointment comprises essential vitamins (C, A, and E) required for cuticle treatment.

10 Methods to Fix Extremely Dry Cuticles and Hangnails

the image shows, how to remove and identify cuticles
removing cuticles

Cuticles have many reasons to get drier. Are you getting out of your mind? Before you become totally clueless, here are some wonder methods from you:

  • I have already mentioned the magical healing properties of cuticle oil. You can buy from the nearest drug or beauty store.
  • Give yourself a break from the nail polish. The manicure is an addicting practice. However, they are not ideal for your nail health.
  • Coconut oil is the cheapest solution to heal cuticles. The fats present in the product do wonders!
  • Always use a pair of cotton gloves to let the moisturizer sink in. The bare hands loaded with moisturizer can leave traces on your pillow cover, clothes, etc. As a result, the actual intention fades away.
  • Why are you so inclined to cut the cuticles? It will not add any beauty to your nails. Infection and hangnails are the two results of cutting cuticles.
  • Never underestimate the power of Vitamins! They are as crucial for nails as other parts of the body. Watch out for their intake. Dry cuticle vitamin deficiency will bring a negative effect on the nails as well.
  • One of the famous cosmetics brand owners once said olive oil heals cracked cuticles. As per Brown (The founder of Bobbi Brown), if you soak your hands in the hot olive oil solution for at least five minutes, it will moisturize your skin from deep.
  • Neosporin powder works excellently on peeled cuticles. Always treat a peeled cuticle as a severe injury. Pour some of the antiseptic powder and wrap it with a bandage. The bandage protects the area from external infection attacks.
  • Shea butter is famous for its cosmetics properties. It helps smoothen and nourish the skin. The cuticle skin also requires such special pampering for a glowing nail.
  • You can apply petroleum jelly if you are not a cosmetic person. Petroleum jelly is a standard household winter care product. Though it is for chapped heels and lips, it is also effective for cuticles.

Tips to Care for the Skin Around the Nails

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anatomy of nails


Do you experience dry skin around your nails? If you are wondering about the reasons, there could be many. Let’s focus on the solution for now! The solutions are the ray of hope for such bad skin days.


  • The first step is to focus on how to fix dead skin around nails. Clean your
  • hands to soften the skin
  • Pat them dry and start pushing the cuticles back very gently
  • Apply hydrating moisture to the areas
  • To lock in the moisture, wear cotton gloves


  • The first step to healing cuticles is never to leave them cuticles dry. Moisturize them at regular intervals.
  • Acetone retrieves the natural oils of the skin. Try to avoid acetone-containing products.
  • Stop biting or tearing your nails. You are destroying your cuticles.
  • Dishwashing without gloves will retain all the moisture of the surrounding skin of the nails, leaving it dry.
  • Drink at least eight glasses of water daily to maintain the pH balance of your skin.

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Cuticles are the most delicate area of the fingers. It also acts as a protector of the skin. Improper treatment of the cuticles leads to hangnails. Hangnails initially cause irritation, redness, and pain. To rephrase, hangnails and cuticles are interconnected. Proper care of the cuticles will prevent hangnail condition.

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Prevent Hangnails-FAQ’s

Why Do I Always Have Painful Hangnails?

The cause of such hangnails may be your bad habit of biting or tearing the nails. Cutting of the cuticles, exposure to extensive washing, using alcoholic sanitizer, and too much nail manicuring can also cause painful conditions. Keep a check on all the activities mentioned above to have pain-free days!

Why Does My Cuticle Grow So Fast?

Cuticles overgrow when you do not take proper care of them. Taking proper care of the nails is highly essential. You should also never cut your cuticles. It doubles the chances of cuticle overgrowth. Start taking proper care of the nails and push back the cuticles while manicuring to check the cuticles’ growth.

How Do Stop Cuticles From Bleeding?

 Take a sterilized gauge and press it hard on the wounded area to stop bleeding in the first space. After the bleeding stops, wipe it with an antiseptic solution. Complete the first aid process by applying a topical ointment and wrapping the area with a band-aid.

Can Cuticles Dry Due to Vitamin Deficiency?

Vitamins are known to nourish and strengthen the cuticles. Thus, you can have chapped cuticles if you are not taking enough vitamins. Start including vitamins in your diet daily.