17 Short Fade Haircut: Get Ready for a Sensational Look

When style meets recentness, perfection follows. And so, acquainting yourself with trendy fashion becomes essential. The distinctive Short Fade Haircut is ready to mark its territory in fashion. Besides promising you effortlessness and low maintenance, it looks clean-cut, dashing, and attractive.

Short fade comprises short back and sides with the most volume centered at the top. It’s a versatile cut that suits every hair type and offers easy management. So, learn about the trendy and stunning short fade haircut that’s been in the buzz for a long time.

Taper Short Fade Haircut

  • Taper fade has always been most men’s go-to style. And there’s a reason!
  • This stylish and neat look is sure to be a winner. Looks great with any outfit and occasion.
the image shows, taper short fade haircut
taper short fade haircut

Low Fade Haircut Short Hair

  • The most remarkable feature of a low fade is its efficiency and style.
  • Low fade on short hair with density on the top is another way of perfect hairstyling.
  • Keep it messy for a rocking look or gelled up for a casual look.
the image shows, low fade haircut short hair
low fade haircut short hair

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Short Bald Fade Haircut

  • You could go for a bald fade if you long for boldness and drama.
  • The short bald fade involves concise hair at the top with the sides and back buzzed. It’s a type of military cut.
the image shows, short bald fade haircut
short bald fade haircut

Short High Fade Haircut

  • Become an admirer of the high fade haircut short hair this season.
  • Shorter hair from the sides and a high fade from the top is an excellent combinations to provide a modern look.
the image shows, short high fade haircut
short high fade haircut

Crew Cut Short Fade Haircut

  • The vibrance of a crew cut is making men go crazy over the short fade.
  • The gelled-up crew cut looks inspiring and gives an out-of-the-shower look.
the image shows, crew cut short fade haircut
crew cut short fade haircut

Wavy Fade Haircut

  • Men’s short fade haircut comes with abundant hairstyling techniques known for offering you uniqueness.
  • Wavy hair is one such stunning aspect of a short fade. The messiness and texture created by wavy hair are awesome and fulfilling.
the image shows, wavy fade haircut
wavy fade haircut

Short Temp Fade

  • Not just a gentleman’s look, but a short temp offers you the liberty of styling it the way you desire.
  • The slicked-back look with shorter hair is just another masterpiece. A must-try!
the image shows, short temp fade
short temp fade

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Short Fade for Black Men

  • Even for afro-haired men, short fade is an exceptional way of hair styling.
  • The edgy yet smooth look it creates is something to take into consideration.
the image shows, short fade for black men
short fade for black men

Mid Fade Haircut Short Hair

  • Class and elegance meets here and creates magic. It comprises between your temples and ears.
  • The mid-short fade offers an impeccable haircut and looks great when you style it with hairspray or blow drying.
  • It is classy, cool, and crazy.
the image shows, mid fade haircut short hair
mid fade haircut short hair

Short Fade for Curly Hair

  • Maintaining curly hair becomes difficult at times. But no worries, you can keep the curly hair at bay with this short fade.
  • It is kinky and comes with convenience. Go for a dapper look with this short fade.
the image shows, short fade for curly hair
short fade for curly hair

Short Spiky Fade Haircut

  • A youthful touch to your dull hair can be best suited with short spikes on a fade.
  • This exclusive and modern look is sure to turn heads. Short fade haircut boys are a thumbs-up for teenage boys.
the image shows, short spiky fade haircut
short spiky fade haircut

Short Fade Haircuts for Women

  • Pulling off the bravest fashion is what a woman loves the most. Because creating sensation is what they live for!
  • So, why not shock the crowd with your wildest look and become an inspirer? With the short fade haircut for females, you could steal the show.
  • Besides being edgy and offering you less maintenance, it looks tempting.
the image shows, short fade haircuts for women
short fade haircuts for women

Pixie With Taper Fade

  • Short fade haircut women are a masterpiece with a pixie as taper fade.
  • The choppiness emphasizes your face, and the pixie offers you a dramatic look.
the image shows, pixie with taper fade
pixie with taper fade

High Top With Short Fade

  • What’s better than a haircut revealing every aspect of your gorgeous haircut?
  • A high top with messiness and layers with a short fade from the sides can make you the center of attention.
the image shows, high top with short fade
high top with short fade

Side Parted Taper

  • So, get ready to grab all the compliments. Because a side partition in a short taper fade is simple yet inviting.
  • The enticed look adds to the charm when you highlight it with the color of your choice. Go for it!
the image shows, side parted taper
side parted taper

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Short Natural Fade Haircuts for Black Females

  • Fade blends perfectly with your natural hair and provides a sassy and clean look.
  • The balance of a short fade with afro hair is mesmerizing. Black females could go for choosing fade as their next go-to style.
the image shows, Short Natural Fade Haircuts for Black Females
Short Natural Fade Haircuts for Black Females

Curly Buzz for Black Ladies

  • Ready to create some drama and awesomeness? Go for this curly buzz followed by shorter sides.
  • The exquisiteness of a short fade and curly buzz fits well for black women.
the image shows, curly buzz for black ladies
curly buzz for black ladies


The short fade haircut is a gender-neutral, perfectly balanced, and worthy hairstyle known to offer style and ease. So, if you are looking for a high-class, fashion-inspired, trendy hairdo, consider getting a short fade. This article covers the 17 trendiest and most appealing short fades that are a must-try!

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Short Fade HaircutFAQ’s

What is a Short Fade Haircut?

Consisting of shorter sides and back, with most volume at the top, is a short fade.
What makes it distinguished is its versatility and effortlessness.

How to Do a Short Fade Haircut?

A short fade can be styled in several ways, and each type is known for offering a unique style.
Go through this article and find the stylish and breathtaking ways of a short fade hairdo.

How Short is a Mid-fade?

It starts at the top of your eyebrows or two-thirds of the way up your head.
It is an exciting and cool look than the other fade haircuts.