Check Amazing Slip Solution Alternative for Polygel Nails!

Polygel generally refers to one of the methods of nail care and their enhancements. It comes hand-in-hand with the poly gel slip solution and the slip solution alternatives. Have you ever curated nail art with poly gel and slip solution? They are the ideal combinations to give your nails a never-before look. It is said that the tradition of nail extension has been adopted from the Chinese tradition. The art was only limited to women of the noble class. Imagine how life was tough then! But you don’t have any limitations. Experience flawless nail art with poly gel products and the slip solution.

An in-depth Analysis of Polygel

Do you know what a polygel slip solution is? The liquid thinner solution you typically use while doing polygel nail is the polygel solution. Those nails are undeniably attractive. When you squeeze the tube of the gel, isn’t it gummy and gloopy? The slip solution dilutes the polygel, so that it is easy to apply. The consistency of the solution majorly depends on the temperature. The solution works best in 15° C or 60°F and 21°C or 71°F. If the surrounding temperature is either less or more than the mentioned temperature, playing with the solution is the only option. Is this information making you a bit worried? Relax! Click the down arrow for the expert’s theories.

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What Are the Benefits of Using Slip Solution for Nail Enhancement?

This is the easiest and health-friendly way of giving your nails a contemporary look. In addition, you must also know its other benefits:

  • Do you want to experience nail art often? Try these slip solution-based poly nails. The
    solution is completely safe as it is hydro-based.
  • Create any looks you like from funky to simple trending ones. This solution is compatible with all kinds of creative designs.
  • It does not leave behind any residual particles once it dries up.
  • From beginner to professional, it is famous for ease of accessibility. Thus, you do not need to take help of any specialized equipment or expertise.
  • You can use it on both artificial or natural nails.
 using slip solution for nail enhancement
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What Are the Best Slip Solution Alternative?

Knowing the alternatives is the best idea. You can try these alternatives if you do not have the slip solution handy. They are also similarly effective in holding your nail decor in place. Some of the popular alternatives are:

  • Specific Base Coats: This is one of the safest alternatives! You can apply a transparent base coat. It will create a smooth texture on your nail bed. It is also a great tip to make your manicure long lasting.
  • Nail Paint Remover: This acrylic slip solution alternative is another amazing product. Nail paint removers are usually used for cleaning nail polish. However, they can be a great substitute for slip solutions. Only the acetone free remover is effective since it is easy to transform into a sticky element. This should be your last resort as it may reduce the lifespan of polygel nails.
  • Hand Sanitizer with 70% Alcohol: Hand sanitizer has versatile utilities. They are typically used to destroy the existing germs on your hands and nails. They can be your on-the-go solution for poly nail crafting. Before you apply the sanitizer, make sure to read the quantity of alcohol in the product. It must contain an alcohol of 70%.
  • Vodka: Yes, you read it right! The one drink which can be a constant entertainment booster of your party can also have potential usage! Vodka is scientifically proven to be an effective alternative to the polygel slip solution. Basically, it acts as disinfectant. It is skin-friendly. Another perk of using this alternative is while washing after removal it does not leave any residue.
  • Nail Strengthening Primer: You can even apply the strengthening primer for nail extension. How? It will make a strong coat for your original nails safeguarding it from discoloration and staining.
  • Rubbing Alcohol: Almost all the slip solution products contain alcohol. It is the same as that of the gel base nail rubbing alcohol product Thus, you can use any alcohol based nail products as the solution for the polygel nails.
  • Gel Base Nail Coat: This base coat has watery consistency. Hence, it is a thumbs up substitute to slip solution. In fact, you can use it as a conventional slip solution alternative.
  • Isopropyl Alcohol: 99% of the isopropyl alcohol is the best alternative! You can also use 70% of this alcoholic solution or the pure alcohol whichever solution is higher can be used.
  • DIY Slip Solution: Water can be used for the DIY slip solution. It is the easiest and the best hacks to use.

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Steps to Use Slip Solution Effectively

The slip solutions are basically used whenever you are working with polygel nails. They make the gummy substance will be a daunting product to work without this solution. The combination of two works fine for the compelling nail extension art.

  • The right way of application also matters to get a perfect outcome. You will get a perfect result if you follow the below application tips:
  • Clean the nails thoroughly so that there is no residue whatsoever. The residue particles will become an obligation to the fitting of the artificial nails.
  • Squeeze the polygel on the surface where you will be doing the art. It can be the tip of the nail or the middle of the nail or other surface. A standard sized drop is the ideal quantity.
  • Take a spare nail polish applicator. Dip the brush (the brush you are working with) into the slip solution.
  • Start dabbing the polygel to mold it according to the shape of your nails. If you are doing art on the full nail, start from the cuticles. A stroke from the cuticle to the edge is the perfect one!
  • The wet applicator helps easy maneuvering and curates a nice and perfect shape.

While using the gel you must be aware of both the precautions and the threats:

  • When using the gel, you should avoid contact with your eyes. Taking the hands close to the eyes may cause temporary irritation. In case of contact, rinse the eyes thoroughly with water.
  • Never inhale the smell or intake it accidentally. It is hazardous. Consult a doctor if such a circumstance arises.

Read all the instructions carefully before applying the product. Also, never overlook the expiry date while purchasing it.

How to Make Polygel at Home?

Aren’t you curious about the fact that what is slip solution made of? To understand this you first need to understand how polygel is made. It is made of gel nail polish and acrylic. The alternatives of the slip solution are the DIY versions of the solution.

  • Water can be the easiest way to replace any kind of market-made solution.
  • From the other alternatives you can use an alcoholic hand sanitizer, vodka, acetone free nail polish remover, etc.
How to Make Polygel at Home
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Though slip solution is the widely preferred way to curate and shape polygel nails, it is not handy! Trying some other alternatives of polygel slip solution will save you time and money. You can now play with your nails craft anytime you like. Try one to witness the magical result!

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Can water act as an alternative to polygel slip solution?

* Yes, absolutely! Water is the handiest alternative to the slip solution.
* If you no other thing in mind, water is the ideal way.

Can acetone be an alternative to slip solution for polygel?

* No, acetone is not an ideal slip solution alternative.
* You can use an acetone free nail polish remover as a substitute.

Is monomer compatible with polygel?

* At the time of using such acrylics, you must use monomer dust.
* Some people are against using it due to the loose texture which may spread in air while applying.

Can I use water as a polygel?

* No, water is runny in texture while polygel is a gummy concentrated solution.
* So, when you pour a drop of water on your nail it will not stay put!

How to use alcohol instead of a slip solution?

* You can use rubbing alcohol as a slip solution.
* The method of application will be the same.

Why should I use alcohol wipes for my gel nails?

* Alcohol wipes are the easiest and the cheapest way to remove those tacky coats of gel polish.
* Alcohol wipes are therefore, most loved.

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