15 Sexy And Timeless Small Box Braids Hairstyles 2023

Small box braids have recently gained popularity among more celebrities in pop culture, including Beyoncé, Gabrielle Union, Zoe Kravitz, and Solange. This style is timeless. The style beautifully throws forth tropical beachy vibes, especially throughout the Spring and Summer seasons. The stylist forms the boxes with smaller squares or sections of hair, giving the style a dense appearance.

The process may take some time, but the result will be well worth it. The smaller box braids look stunning, and some incredible styles have been produced. Have a look because we have something for everyone. We can’t pick which is our favorite, and we hope you’ll enjoy them all! 

Small Box Braids

  • This particular braid lacks the customary knot that is tied at the beginning, making it the knotless variation. 
  • They frequently feel more comfortable and apply less pressure to your edges and scalp.
the image shows, small box braids
small box braids

Neat Small Box Braids

  • This neat small box braids style is for you if you’re seeking a short braided haircut to keep you cool this summer.
  • Spend some time choosing the ideal haircut for you because short hairstyles tend to highlight your bone structure more.
the image shows, neat small box braids
neat small box braids

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Medium Small Box Braids

  • This hairstyle is for girls who have medium-length hair. You can style your mid-length hair with small box braids for an appealing look.
  • Even if you don’t have medium-length hair, you can use hair extensions. 
the image shows, medium small box braids
medium small box braids

Small Box Braids Long

  • This hairstyle is for girls having long hair. Long hair gives an ample number of opportunities to style your hair, so why not pair it with small box braids? 
  • You will need enough time and patience to style your long hair into small box braids. 
the image shows, small box braids long
small box braids long

Small Box Braids With Curly Ends

  • Add some curls to your small box braids and you’ll look stunning and elegant!
  • Maintain the curls’ length, longer than the braids, and let the curls fall from the top.
the image shows, small box braids with curly ends
small box braids with curly ends

Extra Small Box Braids

  • The smaller the braids, the more preferable they are. 
  • Throughout the length of the hair, micro-size boxes and braids are used. This looks best on short to medium-length hair.
the image shows, extra small box braids
extra small box braids

Knotless Small Box Braids

  • Put together a knotless braiding style in which the hair portions are not twisted around before braiding and you’ve got yourself the ultimate vacation look.
  • Unlike knotted styles, braiding begins at the root and is completed with a feed-in technique.
the image shows, knotless small box braids
knotless small box braids

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Multi-Box Small Box Braids

  • The possibilities for playing with braid box boxes are endless. Here’s one with the hair sectioned off in different sizes of boxes to create an asymmetric look. 
  • This would look particularly good on those with thick hair. It keeps the box braids from looking too tidy.
the image shows, multi-box small box braids
multi-box small box braids

Small Box Braids At The Back

  • This one is for the brave and daring. It leaves the crown of the hair open while knotting and braiding the back of the hair.
  • It would be ideal for folks with thin or sparse hair. The open crown would aid in keeping the front from becoming completely flat.
the image shows, small box braids at the back
small box braids at the back

Small Box Braids With Beads

  • Beads at the ends of your small box braid strands will add some flair to your already sassy look. 
  • It provides a unique style to your hair and can be jiggled around to let folks know you’re on your way.
the image shows, small box braids with beads
small box braids with beads

Small Box Braids With Highlights 

  • Highlights do not appear to be limited to straight or wavy hair. This splash of color will provide your hair with a trendy look.
  • To achieve a stunning braided hairdo, use highlight color combinations and simple small box braids.
the image shows, small box braids with highlights
small box braids with highlights

Janet Jackson’s Small Box Braids

  • This style is a classic and authentic recreation of the same hairdo that the renowned Janet Jackson sported in the early 1990s. 
  • Because the braids are quite tight, you should probably prepare your hair thoroughly for this.
the image shows, Janet Jackson's small box braids
Janet Jackson’s small box braids

Small Box Braids Bun

  • Knotless box braids are arranged into a sky-high bun. It’s a simple and stylish hairdo that looks great on everyone. 
  • Hair like this may be dressed up or down to fit any occasion and can be worn anywhere. With this gorgeous style, you’ll feel like a Queen every day!
the image shows, small box braids bun
small box braids bun

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Half Small Box Braids Bun

  • The other half of the braids are in a very high bun, while the other half is loose. Any hair color can be used to produce the half-up style or the multi-tonal braids. 
  • You might also attempt shorter braids, but the bun will be smaller as a result. 
the image shows, half small box braids bun
half small box braids bun

Tight Zipped Small Box Braids

  • Tiny box braids look best when they are neatly set. Fashionistas with thick and dense hair can pull off tight braids without looking flat. 
  • The “zipper braid” is a variation of tightly twisted box braids popular among Generation Z. 
the image shows, tight zipped small box braids
tight zipped small box braids


Attempt these 15 new aged small box braid designs which are made for everyone ranging from modest and discreet to loud statement makers.

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Small Box BraidsFAQ’s

How Long Does It Take To Make Small Box Braids On Your Hair?

* Small box braids with extra extensions can take anywhere from 4 to 8 hours to complete. 
* The length of time required is determined by your braiding abilities, technique, and the style of box braids desired. 
* The longer and smaller the braids you choose, the longer it will take to make.

What Are Small Box Braids?

* Box braids, as the name implies, are three-stranded braids that appear more “boxy” than normal braids. 
* They are made of little square chunks of hair separated into three strands apiece, giving them a boxy appearance. 
* It can be done with just your hair, but hair professionals occasionally utilize extensions to add volume and thickness.

Do Small Box Braids Require High Maintenance?

* Box braids are often regarded as a protective and low-maintenance hairstyle, which is why they are ideal for vacations. 
* However, there is some maintenance required to keep the braids clean and elegant.