13 Takuache Haircut Mullet Ideas To Flaunt Your Edgy Persona

Your haircut defines your persona. If you are looking for a haircut that will give you a unique look Takuache Haircut Mullet is the type of haircut you should go for. To avoid becoming a meme. Here are  13 ideas to style and slay the look.

What Exactly Is A Takuache Hairstyle? 

The Takuache haircut, also known as Edgar Haircut, is one of the most controversial yet trendiest looks of all time. Some people categorize it as a classic haircut, and some as ugly, but if you style it with a lot of gel and confidence, it’s a pretty cool hairstyle.

In the Takuache haircut mullet, the back and side of the hair are usually short, and the hair on top is much longer compared to the side one.

Takuache Hair Mullet With Hat

  • If you are not in the mood to style your bangs but still want to leave an impression.
  • You can accessorize it with a hat, and it will create a style statement.
In this image show Takuache Hair Mullet With Hat
Takuache Hair Mullet With Hat

Edgar Takuache Haircut Mullet

  • The Takuache haircut is also known as Edgar cut. It is a tapered cut with straight bangs.
  • The back and side are cut short, and the top is longer than the side.
In this image show Edgar Takuache Haircut Mullet
Edgar Takuache Haircut Mullet

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Takuache Haircut Mullet Curly 

  • If you are going for a low-maintenance look and to prevent the limp-looking hair
  • Takuache mullet on curly hair will leave no stone unturned to fulfill your need.
In this image show Takuache Haircut Mullet Curly 
Takuache Haircut Mullet Curly 

Trendy Takuache Cuh Haircut Ideas

  • The Edgar or Takuache haircut has evolved to the cuh haircut.
  • A petition has been- passed by Riverside school to put an end to it.
In this image show Trendy Takuache Cuh Haircut Ideas
Trendy Takuache Cuh Haircut Ideas

Takuache Haircut Fade

  • The Takuache hairstyle can be personalized by adding fade variations to the side and back.
  • You can either go with low, mid, or high fade, which will change your look drastically.
In this image show Takuache Haircut Fade
Takuache Haircut Fade

Takuache Haircut Designs

  • In your Takuache haircut, you can add design on the side, and it will flaunt your edginess.
  • Design on your Edgar cut will also define your personality.
In this image show Takuache Haircut Designs
Takuache Haircut Designs

Takuache Haircut With Curly Hair

  • Takuache Haircut can be highly versatile. It can perfectly go well with straight, curly, or wavy hair.
  • A thick fringe may be missing in the front, but as it is neatly trimmed, the sharp line is still there.
In this image show Takuache Haircut With Curly Hair
Takuache Haircut With Curly Hair

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Wavy Takuache Haircut

  • The bangs in the wavy Takuache haircut look so full, and the best part is there are a lot of volumes added to it.
  • Takuache haircut is one of the best haircuts to go for wavy hair.
In this image show Wavy Takuache Haircut
Wavy Takuache Haircut

Takuache Short Haircut

  • To give a sporty and neat vibe, you are looking for something low-maintenance. 
  • If you don’t want to come across an edgy personality and looking for something low-key this haircut will play the perfect role. 
In this image show Takuache Short Haircut
Takuache Short Haircut

Takuache Haircut Long Hair

  • If you are going for a takuache haircut but don’t make it the main highlight of your hair.
  • A Takuache haircut for long hair is a suitable cuh for you as it will blend with hair on the back.
In this image show Takuache Haircut Long Hair
Takuache Haircut Long Hair

Medium Length Takuache Haircut

  •  For a bowl Takuache medium-length hair is a fantastic canvas.
  • The bowl hair at the top stands out mimicking the mushroom cut.
In this image show Medium Length Takuache Haircut
Medium Length Takuache Haircut

Fluffy Takuache Haircut

  • To add volume to your hair and for those who have lengthy hair, this haircut is appropriate.
  • It is somewhat similar to wavy Takuache.
In this image show Fluffy Takuache Haircut
Fluffy Takuache Haircut

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Messy Takuache Haircut 

  • It is one of the best versions of the Takuache cut for people with wavy hair.
  • It will make you look trendy, and give you a super carefree look.
In this image show Messy Takuache Haircut 
Messy Takuache Haircut 

How To Get The Takuache Haircut?

To get the Takuache haircut, your hair from the back and the side has to be buzzed short. On the forehead, there have to be either straight fringes or bangs.

How Much Does A Takuache Haircut Cost At A Hairdresser

 If you have decided to go to your stylist to get this haircut. It can be affordable for you as Takuache Haircut will cost you about $15-$17 but in high-end salons, it can even cost you around $50.

What Are Takuache Beard Styles?

To take your style to another level, you should go with a Takuache haircut and a well-maintained beard look. The beard should be short and thick and must be maintained regularly.


If you want to get a takuache haircut don’t let the world stop you. If you think it defines your personality, you can pull it off confidently. You should not miss out on this classic haircut.

Wear it and style it off with hair gel if you want to pull off an edgy and bold look.

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Takuache Haircut Mullet-FAQ’s

What Is A Takuache Cuh?

* Takuache Cuh haircut is versatile and it can perfectly sit on straight, curly, or wavy hair types.
* The Takuache cut is short on the back and side, giving you an edgy look.

Why Is The Takuache Haircut So Popular?

* The Takuache haircut is popular due to its uniqueness and edgy look. 
 * It is a very non-chalant haircut and will give you a stylish look. This haircut has received its fair share of hate, but undoubtedly, trendy.

Who Started The Takuache Haircut Brand?

In 2017, a guy named Adam Meis shared a post on Facebook requesting the public to search for a bunch of teenagers who stole his truck. One of the thieves had the Edgar haircut, and the screenshot went viral within a few hours.

What Are Other Names For Takuache Haircut?

The Takuache haircut has gained popularity worldwide, and all over the world, it is known as the takuache cuh, Edgar haircut, or the Mexican version of the Ceaser haircut.