Top Shag Haircut For Men Who Want To Set A Trend

Look no further than the Shag Haircut for Men for an effortlessly chic and unquestionably edgy hairdo. Since the 1970s, when it was first designed by barber Paul McGregor, the haircut has been embraced by rock gods and celebrities. 

The hair is feathered and choppy, with a larger crown and thinning toward the ends. It is an amazing technique to add movement and volume to your hair and is ideal for men who desire a stunning haircut that takes no care. 

Shag Haircut Black Men 

  • Black men have thick hair. However, a shag haircut can be embraced by them at any time. 
  • It is a layered haircut for hair of any length and texture.
the image shows, shag haircut black men
shag haircut black men

360 Shag Haircut Men

  • It is the combination of a shag haircut with 360 waves pattern. 
  • This is a popular Afro hairstyle that involves laying your natural curls down in a wave pattern.  
the image shows, 360 shag haircut men
360 shag haircut men

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Short Shag Haircut Men 

  • Want to look cute like Zac Efron in High School Musical, try this short shag haircut. 
  • This style is distinguished by short hair cut into several locks that can be parted in the middle or sideways.
the image shows, short shag haircut
short shag haircut

Long Shag Haircut Men 

  • The shag haircut is also for men who have long straight hair. 
  • This haircut is about developing layers that offer movement while also framing the face for a classic style.
the image shows, long shag haircut men
long shag haircut men

Shag Mullet Haircut Men 

  • The shag haircut is combined with the mullet to create a stylish look. 
  • This can be accomplished by keeping the hair shorter and denser on top of the head and lengthier and thinner at the back.
the image shows, shag mullet
shag mullet

70s Shag Haircut Men 

  • Feeling nostalgic in this modern era? Try the 70s shag haircut to look effortlessly cool.
  • It has choppy and uneven ends and layers around the crown that contribute to the volume.
the image shows, 70s shag haircut men
70s shag haircut men

Curly Shag Haircut Men 

  • If you have naturally curly hair, you should not be discouraged from wearing a shag. 
  • A curly shag means achieving the fullness of layered hair without being overly thick or dense. Thus, removing bulk from your tresses.
the image shows, curly shag haircut
curly shag haircut

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Modern Shag Haircut Men 

  • You can give a modern look to your classic shag haircut. 
  • It reduces weight and thins out the hair, making styling and maintenance easier.
the image shows, modern shag haircut men
modern shag haircut men

Drop Shag Haircut Men 

  • For those with Afro-textured hair, the drop shag haircut, often known as a mullet
  • It is presented with lengthy curls at the back of the head and shorter braided or loosened top hair.
the image shows, drop shag haircut men
drop shag haircut men

Wavy Shag Haircut Men

  •  To achieve great shaggy hair for wavy and thin strands, make sure the shaggy layers are varied.
  • The layers will define the appearance of your waves. The more layers you have, the better the wavy shag haircut will be!  
the image shows, wavy shag haircut men
wavy shag haircut men

Shag Haircut Men Dallas 

  • As posted by Snoop Dog, this haircut is known as the South Dallas Shag. 
  • There is short wavy hair in the front followed by a hump at the back of your neck.
the image shows, shag haircut men dallas
shag haircut men dallas

Medium Shag Haircut Men 

  • It is suitable for males with medium-length hair who desire a messy, ragged look. 
  • The best approach to achieve this look is to part your hair in the center, including your long bangs.
the image shows, medium shag haircut men
medium shag haircut men

Layered Shag Haircut Men

  • This shag haircut incorporates layers and locks. You get many layers that give you a messy appearance. 
  • Shorter sides, visible longer head part, and short fringe identify this shaggy hairstyle.
the image shows, layered shag haircut men
layered shag haircut men

Shag Haircut Men Mexican 

  • Mexican men are known for their creatively styled haircuts.
  • The Mexican shag looks great on long hair and can be worn in a man bun. Blow dry your hair to raise the vibrant vibe of your shaggy appearance.
the image shows, shag haircut men mexican
shag haircut men mexican

Shag Haircut for Men Bon Jovi

  • This shoulder-length design is pure Bon Jovi and a seductive representation of the iconic rock star.
  • Long layers are trimmed across the center to help generate the flicked effect on the ends, and the side-swept bangs are given a wispy finish.
the image shows, shag haircut for men bon jovi
shag haircut for men bon jovi

Shag Haircut with Bangs Men

  • Bangs provide you with a more proportionate face if you have a broad or wide forehead.
  • You can also ask your stylists to cut the bangs in minimal layers to make them more appealing and match your shag style.
the image shows, shag haircut with bangs
shag haircut with bangs

Shag Bob 

  • Another great combination is a shag with a bob. 
  • It flatters most facial forms because it covers your face around the perimeter. Furthermore, it is suitable for all hair types.
the image shows, shag bob
shag bob

Brushed-Back Shag Haircut 

  • A brushed-back shag is an excellent choice if you want a clean look. 
  • The layers in the front are brushed back from the forehead.
the image shows, brushed back shag haircut
brushed back shag haircut

Shag Pomp 

  • You can generate incredible volume in the front with shaggy pomp. Nonetheless, your hair appears to be relaxed and breezy. 
  • If you want to keep the hair on top in emphasis, complement the appearance with tapered sides.
the image shows, shag pomp
shag pomp

Bowl Cut Shag 

  • A shaggy ‘do is made by altering lengths and layers in a modern variation on the traditional bowl cut.
  • Straightening the hair brings attention to the purposely uneven cut.
the image shows, bowl cut shag
bowl cut shag

Shag with Deep Side Part 

  • This is a terrific style for boys who have thicker, longer hair and want to flaunt the shaggy look.
  • Backcombing the roots will add body and texture to your hair. Use a strong hold substance to keep the locks in place.
the image shows, shag with deep side part
shag with deep side part

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Shag with Beach Tresses

  • A blunt jaw-length crop and a golden tinted hue that suits the skin tone lend some oomph to thick wavy hair. 
  • Change the parting to fit your face shape, or simply let your hair do its own thing if you want to go all-out shaggy!
the image shows, shag with beach tresses
shag with beach tresses

Shag Haircut with Lengthy Locks

  • This is an 80s-inspired Rockstar hairstyle, but it is still a classic!
  • Allow your long lengthy locks to do their own thing for the ultimate shaggy long-haired look.  
the image shows, shag haircut with lengthy locks
shag haircut with lengthy locks

Shag with Straight Hair 

  • On males with straight hair, this shag hairdo looks fantastic. Steps of layers can be cut. 
  • Back brush your hair, highlight your locks if desired, and you’ll turn heads every time you leave the house.
the image shows, shag haircut with straight hair
shag haircut with straight hair

The Beatles Shag

  • The renowned band was known for their shag hairstyles. 
  • The casual carefree bangs separated on either side seem adorable and sophisticated. This season, bring back the nostalgic vibes with this hairdo.
the image shows, the beatless shag
the beatless shag


We now know about the top shag haircut for men which will grab all the attention on you. There is a shag haircut for all lengths and textures. You can choose yours accordingly. Wait no further to get a shag haircut for yourself. 

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Shag Haircut For Men-FAQ’s

What Is A Shag Haircut On Black Men 

* Black men have very thick hair. 
* A shag haircut for them is the mullet known as the drop shag. 
* It is famous among rappers. 

What Is A Shag Haircut Men

* A shag cut is a layered haircut with varying lengths. The top and sides of the layers are frequently feathered. 
* The layers thicken the hair around the crown and thin it to fringes around the margins.