25 Undercut Haircut For Men: The Jaw-Dropping Hairstyle

An undercut haircut is nothing but awesomeness. Looking for a makeover? What is the first thing that comes to mind when coming across the word “makeover”? Haircut! You must be thinking, this time, I am gonna get a classy, stylish, and attractive haircut. But the problem is you need to figure out what would suit you and represent your dapper version. But not worry because you are at the right place; this article contains some exciting and promising undercut haircut hairstyles for men.

What is an Undercut Haircut?

Unlike the fade haircut, the undercut haircut is versatile and flexible for every man. It offers you numerous possibilities for styling and looks great on square and diamond-like faces. The round face men, don’t be sad because undercut has various haircut options. Getting this hairstyle can be the next hot and happening thing in your life.

The undercut haircut presents three basic styling methods, a longer top, sides, and the back are razored or buzzed. They also may have shaved parts or may be faded to the skin. Well, undercut hair and fade can be confusing, but what are we here for? Go on, scroll down and get acquainted with all the information regarding undercut haircuts and decide your next hairstyle:

Slicked Back Undercut

  • These gentlemen’s look is the style statement of the year.
  • Keeping the hair short to medium length on the top with slicked back and undercut is one of the most fashionable hairdos in the line of undercuts.
  • Slicked back hairstyle gives a professional as well as stylish look.
In this image show, the cool Slicked Back Undercut haircut
Slicked Back Undercut

Long Bang Disconnected Undercut

  • Do you want to style your long hair? This time show off your handsome look with the long bang disconnected undercut.
  • This fantastic way of long bangs on one side is just so dapper.
  • Consider giving this hairstyle a chance if you have long hair.
In this image show, Long Bang Disconnected Undercut haircuts.
Long Bang Disconnected Undercut

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Side Styled Messy Undercut

  • Youngsters mostly prefer this hairstyle, and why not? This hairdo is so pretty!
  • If a textured top is what you have been searching for, this side-styled messy undercut is the ideal option.
  • This hairstyle can be the game changer of your fashion sense. A must-try!
In this image show, Side Styled Messy Undercut haircuts.
Side Styled Messy Undercut

Quiff Undercut Hairstyle

  • The trendy and pleasing quiff hairstyle is set to mark its territory in the fashion world.
  • The quiff undercut is another way of brushing your hair at the back to create this incredibly gorgeous look like never before.
  • Go on, give it a try!
In this image show, the Quiff Undercut Hairstyle haircuts.
Quiff Undercut Hairstyle

Curly Undercut

  • Styling curly hair, especially for men, is complicated yet exciting.
  • Curly hair undercut is a great way to create awesomeness and add quality to dull hair.
  • Curly hair, men, this haircut is undoubtedly a yes!
In this image show, the Curly Undercut haircuts.
Curly Undercut

Wet and Wavy

  • Just came out of the shower look is what you need for your refreshing style.
  • Yes, this wet and wavy hairdo is a simple representation of the dashing look.
  • It would help if you had some gel or hair balm to make those delicate beachy waves give a flowy appearance to your hair.
  • This undercut haircut is a must-try for men with long hair, as the top is longer than the sides.
In this image show, Wet and Wavy haircuts to go with trend.
Wet and Wavy

Undercut With Textured Top for Short Hair

  • If you think undercuts are only for long hair, it’s time to break this myth.
  • Because the undercut hairstyle for short hair is trending. So, it’s time to get an undercut with a textured top.
  • The textured top is added to amplify the charm by increasing dimension and volume.
  • This textured top is the perfect thing to try if you have thin hair. Also, short hair is manageable.
In this image show, the Undercut With Textured Top for Short Hair
Undercut With Textured Top for Short Hair

Brushed Up Taper Fade

  • Brushed-up hair on top with an undercut haircut is one of the hottest trends for men.
  • It looks so elegant yet crazy at the same time.
  • The brushed-up look is fresh and dashing. Just go for it!
In this image show, the Brushed Up Taper Fade haircuts.
Brushed Up Taper Fade

Man Bun Undercut

  • The hairstyle for all those wild and fierce men who love experimenting with their fashion and style.
  • All know the man bun, and since celebrities have popularized this man bun, men are going crazy over this.
  • Have you ever thought of getting an undercut followed by this man bun? This time, give it a chance; believe me, you will love it.
  • This unique look can be the one you have been searching for so long!
In this image show, the Man Bun Undercut haircuts.
Man Bun Undercut

Viking Undercut

  • Nothing is as bold as this Viking haircut with an undercut.
  • This style shows off your wild nature and screams your courage and adventurous style.
  • Longer hair, men, you can give this a try!
In this image show, the Viking Undercut that look superbly cool.
Viking Undercut

Brad Pitt’s Fury Hairstyle

  • The quintessential Brad Pitt’s undercut from the movie fury is something to take inspiration from.
  • Guys have loved the look, but did you know it was the undercut?
  • You can wear this undercut hairstyle confidently and rock the brad Pitt look this season.
In this image show, the Brad Pitt's Fury Hairstyle haircuts.
Brad Pitt’s Fury Hairstyle

Thick Hair Undercut

  • This time, the significant volume of luscious hair styled them in this uniquely.
  • Get an undercut and use the styling products for a finishing thick hair look on the top.
  • The hairstyle offers a flawless wedding look. A must-try!
In this image show, the Thick Hair Undercuts that you must follow for good look.
Thick Hair Undercut

Undercut Patterns

  • Wanna be creative with your hair? Ask your hairstylist to make some stylish patterns on the undercut.
  • This is simple yet very stylish and bold.
  • This is one of the most noticeable hairstyles to try.
In this image show, the Undercut Patterns haircuts.
Undercut Patterns

French Crop Undercut for Asian Men

  • The back of your hair is shaved, and the top is cut bluntly to keep a sharp look.
  • The French crop for Asian men is the most popular hairstyle regarding undercuts.
  • Without any doubt, this hairstyle is a to try.
In this image show, French Crop Undercut for Asian Men haircuts.
French Crop Undercut for Asian Men

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Blowout Haircut for Black Men

  • The blowout is a compelling look for black men, and they are a pro at rocking this hairdo.
  • Your sides are faded to give your top a blowout look with those afro hairs.
  • The hairstyle looks contemporary and jazzy.
In this image show, the Blowout Haircut for Black Men haircuts.
Blowout Haircut for Black Men


Curly Undercut With Extra Fringe

  • For those with curly hair, this is another masterpiece with an added fringe to boost your hair volume.
  • This hairstyle is flexible and offers you two ways of styling. Let your fringe hang down for a messy look for a party or casual occasion.
  • Apply some gel for a wedding or a professional look and comb it backward.
  • What can be more fun and effortless than this hairdo?
In this image show, the Curly Undercut With Extra Fringe haircuts.
Curly Undercut With Extra Fringe

Spiked And Messy Undercut With Skin Fade

  • Adding modernity and youthfulness to your look, this sharp and messy undercut is famous for making you look handsome.
  • The skin fade will amplify the charm and make you look hotter.
  • Get this for a refreshing look!
In this image show, the Spiked And Messy Undercut With Skin Fade haircuts.
Spiked And Messy Undercut With Skin Fade

High And Voluminous Dyed Undercut

  • Get this dyed voluminous high undercut for the unique look you have been looking.
  • A change is what everyone craves, and getting the hair dyed, is the much-needed change of your life.
  • Get this!
In this image show, High And Voluminous Dyed Undercuts.
High And Voluminous Dyed Undercut

Long Fringe Undercut For Straight Hair

  • Straight hair, men; grow your hair and get this long fringe undercut haircut for an alluring look.
  • It’s time to captivate with your perfect hair look this season.
  • The hairstyle is an overwhelming and a must-try look.
In this image show, the Long Fringe Undercut For Straight Haircuts.
Long Fringe Undercut For Straight Hair

Pompadour Undercut

  • This fresh and appealing look combines old and new in the most classy yet modern look.
  • It looks sophisticated and neat and fits perfectly well with your undercut.
  • Pompadour is the oldest yet trendiest way of hair styling. Give it a try!
In this image show , the Pompadour Undercuts.
Pompadour Undercut

Undercut With Side Parting

  • This 90’s most famous side parting is back in the trend.
  • Pair the side parting with an undercut to add charm and elegance to this beckoning look.
  • It looks stylish, and you must apply some hair care products to keep that sleeker look.
In this image show, the Undercut With Side Parting haircuts.
Undercut With Side Parting

Bold And Brash Undercut

  • This bold undercut is another version of your wild nature and fierce look.
  • The undercut involves a brash under-shaved side from the back and sides. The top has the maximum volume.
  • For a bold look, this hairdo is just perfect.
In this image show, the Bold And Brash Undercut.
Bold And Brash Undercut

Layered Undercut

  • For adding the fun and fullness to your hair, layers are an excellent way of styling.
  • Decide how much layering you want and ask your hairstylist to cut it accordingly.
  • This zesty and astounding look is modern, and believe me, you will love it.
In this image show, the Layered Undercut.
Layered Undercut

Undercut Dreadlocks

  • Did you know undercut is the most versatile haircut?
  • Yes, it suits every hair type and makes you look fashionable and striking.
  • This time captivate with your dreadlocks combined with an undercut.
  • This hairstyle can create a sharp and attractive look, and you are going to rock it.
In this image show the, Undercut Dreadlocks to look cool and go with this trendy haircuts.
Undercut Dreadlocks

Undercut With Beard

  • Beard can make any look super stylish and presentable and this combined with undercut haircut is just wow!
  • This time pair up your undercut with a beard for a striking look.
  • This lively look is all set to make you the Rockstar you are!
In this image show, the Undercut With Beard touch this haircuts are dam looking dashing with the 2023 new year bash.
Undercut With Beard

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Undercut Haircut-FAQ’s

Are Undercuts Still Popular in 2022?

* Undercuts are as fresh as in the past. Undercuts have not lost their charm despite being one of the oldest hairstyle.
* Undercuts are so cool and elegant, give it a try in 2022.

When Should a Guy Get an Undercut?

* If you are looking for a fresh and unique style, undercut can be the next hottest trend you try.
* Men with rectangular face shape can go for this cut.
* This hairstyle is famous for softening your angular features so undoubtedly go for it.

Is Undercut High Maintenance?

* Well, it depends upon the type of undercut you are getting.
* If you are going for an undercut involving long hair, it could be high maintenance. Because you need styling products for a perfect finish.
* If you are opting for short hair with an undercut, the maintenance is low and styling is also effortless.

Why is Undercut So Popular?

* Firstly, this is one of the finest and the most attractive hairdo since the past.
* Undercuts are so versatile and flexible, you can go for styling long, short or medium hair with this haircut.
* So, if you are looking for some funkiness and class, an undercut is your answer.

Is Undercut a Good Haircut?

* Undercut is one of the most popular and dashing haircut for every men out there.
* Whatever style you want, undercut can offer you. So, go for it!

How Do You Maintain an Undercut Haircut?

* The most prominent part of an undercut is its shortness.
* So, you need to trim away the extra hair as per your hair growth so that the freshness is maintained.