Try these 5 Coffin Nail Designs for the most flattering look

What are coffin nails?

Coffin Nails also known as Ballerina Nails are angular or flat toe shaped nails with a tight C curve. These nails works best for fat fingers.

Get the blue color mixed with your fantasy colors on a coffin nail design. Since coffin nails are enjoyed long, you have more canvas to paint your fantasies on a nail.

White, Blue and Blue: A color blocking combination to attract many eyes.

These solid color medium coffin nails can give you a solid look. Draw some hearts, or shapes in between and see them outshine everyone.

These ombre V tips colored in Red and transparent gives your coffin nail a unique look. This design works best on a long nail coffin.

Make your coffin Nails look glamourous and amazing by adding 3D floral designs. You can also use rhinestones to perk them up.

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