Short nails are always a hit with people, especially when they're pretty cute. Short nails make a person look more attractive. so follow this mani! in 2022.

One of the girl's favourite manicures is these pretty, cute pink nails. easy to maintain, you can wear it anywhere-anytime and fit for all.


The most beautiful and new manicure in 2022? This looks so beautiful! This multi-colored cool nail art is a must-try for a fresh look.



This gorgeous look of black and yellow with shiny glitter detailing is absolutely eye-catching in these short nails.



Look for this white short nail that feels modern and fresh! Modern art pairs white with design in the most wearable way.  



These gorgeous green French manicures! The trending colour shows no signs of going anywhere this season. It looks stunning with its manicured nails.


Blue & white combination of color makes your nails look like they are painted by professionals. Try this for getting a lot of compliments!

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