5 Gel Nail Designs That Would Make Everyone Awestruck

Try these well executed gold designs on yon your gel nails to give you a gold goddess look. Gold color is a great way to get your nails noticed almost anywhere!

Hourglass Gel Nails are Trendy and Classy. Ty these mesmerizing gel nail design in blue color for a complete sharp look.

Monochrome Strips adds a unique look to your gel nails. Use these stripes as a border for experimenting with different shades of purple and pink.

Simple & Classy. These cute pink gel nails display exuberance and looks pretty almost anywhere. Try these glossy, shiny and awesome pink gel nails to make everyone in the room awestruck.

Try this look: 3 red polishes on gel nails and one diamond studded middle fingernail to flip everyone off in the room

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