Get the latest design trends from this web story. With Peaky Blinders, you can get a haircut that is truly peaky.

"Thomas Shelby Haircut" is getting traction amongst the young. It is actually called the "Undercut" Hairstyle. The trend is because of web-series - Peaky Blinders!

What to Say to the Barber?

Ask for a Disconnected Haircut or The undercut with slicks and short sides.

How to Get Peaky Blinders Haircut?

Use Clippers and put the setting on no. 1 & 2. Follow it through high & tight around your back & sides.

Main character in the show, you can get a French crop and layer the top to get this Thomas Shelby haircut


John Shelby Cut

Younger Bro of Tommy & Arthur, he has his sides shaved and the top is shorter with a French cut.

Arthur Shelby Cut

Big Brother of Tommy, His sides are longer than Johns. Top layering is slicked back to give an amazing texture.

Get the best of both looks by getting a deep side part. This traditional cut can be created with clippers and sides be trimmed.

Traditional Cut

Best Peaky Blinders Haircut

The best one is ofcourse Tom shelby's Hairstyle. Suited for oval faces, the trimmed sides and cropped texture bring your best look :)

Best Peaky Blinders Haircut

Get Peaky Blinder Haircuts for your Kid: Ask for a undercut with number three on sides. Set the top cut length to let them fall like fringes.

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