Remove White Spots on Toenails with Actually Effective Tips

The toenails that once were shining and looking pretty in the light of those wondrous and colorful nail polishes are now covered in the white spots that are making them dull and dirty. Wondering what is the reason behind this? Well, first of all get rid of the tension you have been carrying because there is nothing to worry about. And remember toe nail care is as important as hand nails.

The messiness on your toenails is the prolonged and regular use of nail polishes. When the nail polish remains on your toenails longer than it was meant to, it leaves its mark in the form of those whitish spots that can give you an unpleasant feeling.

Many women start panicking, thinking it is the fungus. After seeing those white spots, this thought is the most probable one. But let me clear this out, these white spots are not fungus. And so there is nothing to be agitated about. You may notice striation on the toenails, flaking off the nail layers.

Wearing the same nail polish for more than three to five weeks is the root cause of those chalky patches. Prolonged exposure to nail polish tends to make the surface of your toenails dry to such an extent that it damages your nails. This condition of dryness is called keratin granulation. There is nothing to worry about when it’s the starting. Still, if you do not treat this at the proper time, you are most likely to develop a fungus infection, and treating a fungal infection can be an arduous and painful task.

Another reason for the whitish spots can be nail matrix damage ( Leukonychia). The nail matrix is the area near the base of the nail, where the nail forms and grows. Damage to this area can also lead to this condition. It is generally not harmful and can be treated. It can occur if someone steps on your toe or you are wearing tight shoes for a longer time.

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Easy Ways to Get Rid of White Spots on Toenails:

If you have developed white spots on your toenails, then it’s time for you to get rid of them as soon as possible. So, let’s start by discussing some straightforward methods of treating these white spots:

  • The most important tip is to let your toenails breathe in the fresh air for some time. Only cover your nails in the nail polish for a short time, and always give some gaps to deprive the nails of chemicals.
  • If your nails are fragile, go for buffering them. You can ease away the flaky skin to a great extent.
  • Hydration is what your toenails are seeking right now. Due to the excessive use of nail polish, your nails are deprived of the necessary moisture. It is now time for you to rejuvenate them with moisturizing cream or oil. Repeat this process daily until your nails are healed properly.
  • If you can’t keep yourself away from nail polish, it is advised to buy nail polishes of chemical free nature. Most professionals say to buy nail polishes containing a “7 free” label. The nail polish is free from seven of the topmost toxic chemicals.
  • The next crucial and very ignored step by most women out there is the non-usage of the base coat. When you apply the base coat, you are already one step ahead. The specialty of the base coat is that it acts as a shield in protecting your nail surface from direct contact with the nail polish.
  • Always visit an excellent and professional salon and ensure they dispose of all the items after every client because this is a prevalent reason of spreadness of the infection.
  • If you have caught the fungus, you must visit a doctor at once and get the proper treatment. After the treatment, it is advised to remain away from the nail polishes for some time.
the image shows, white spots on toenails
white spots on toenails

Some Home Remedies to Treat the White Spots:

Whether the white spots are due to the constant use of nail polish or the fungal infection, these home remedies will help you heal the nails. If it is a fungal infection, these remedies are sure to give you some relief:

Adjust Your Footwear

  • If you see white spots in your toenails, this might happen because of your uncomfortable and tight footwear.
  • Sometimes moisture trapped in the shoes causes fungal growth, the root cause of white patches.
  • If you notice the signs early, changing your footwear is better. Go for lighter and spacier footwear so that air has sufficient space to pass through.
  • Try this and notice the difference.
the image shows, pain due to high heels
adjusting the footwear

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Baking Soda

  • If you have chalky toenails, baking soda can be one of the effective methods to try.
  • You can make a baking soda paste and apply it to your affected areas. Wait for about 10 to 15 minutes. Now rinse it off with hot water and dry it thoroughly.
  • If not completely, at least you will get relief from this. This is not an ultimate method; it is not sure if baking soda will make the chalkiness disappear. But at least it will start the process of healing.
the image shows, baking soda
baking soda

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Start Eating Healthy

  • Sometimes white spots on toenails indicate some nutritional deficiencies. 
  • This is primarily seen in the case of deficiency of zinc and calcium. 
  • If you want to avoid medicines and other chemicals, eating healthy, nutrient-rich foods is always better.
the image shows, healthy foods
healthy foods

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White Spots on Toenails-FAQ’s

Does My Nail Polish Damage My Toenails?

* Wearing the same nail polish for too long can damage the toenails.
* When the same nail polish is applied for too long, it starts making the surface of the nails dry to such an extent that it damages them.
* It is always advised to have a different nail polish for longer.

Is It a Medical Condition and Is It Serious?

* In most cases, it is not a medical condition and is not severe.
* You have to understand what kind of white patches you have.
* A nail paint white patch does not need medical attention. Stop wearing the nail polish for a while, and it will disappear.
* But if it is related to some fungal infection, it demands medical attention. But you need not worry because it is not a serious and curable issue.

Are These White Spots on the Skin Underneath Nails or Are They Present on Nails?

 In most cases, white spots are present on the nails and not underneath them, whether it is a fungal infection or long wearing of nail polish.

What Does a White Toenail Mean?

* A white toenail means you have either applied the same nail polish for too long or it is a fungal infection.
* All the information regarding the white toenail is discussed in this article; go through it to find out every possible answer.