Look Edgy With These 17 Wolf Shag Haircut

The Wolf Shag Haircut resembles a hybrid of a shag and a mullet because of its thick layers and volume at the crown. Many women have done it themselves by pulling their hair back into a ponytail and trimming the ends, but it might be advisable to visit the salon to get the appearance you’ve always wanted. Depending on your preferences, it can be more dramatic or subtle and lends itself well to color. Continue reading to learn everything you need to know and to get inspiration!

Wolf Shag Haircut

  • The mullet and the shag haircut, two prominent current hairstyle trends, are combined in wolf cuts.
  • The shag haircut can be short, long, or mid-length, in contrast to the mullet’s short length. When combined, it produces distinctive wolf-cut hair.
the image shows, wolf shag haircut
wolf shag haircut

Short Wolf Shag Haircut 

  • Wolf Shag haircut looks well on shorter hair lengths as well.
  • It resembles a bob look with the hair hugging around the neck. The cut is characterized by bangs and layers, giving a bold look. 
the image shows, short wolf shag haircut
short wolf shag haircut

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Long Shag Wolf Haircut

  • The wolf shag haircut looks best on longer hair since it gives it a less jagged, undone, and textured appearance. 
  • Long hair softens the shag wolf cut, giving the messy layers a seamless appearance. 
the image shows, long shag wolf haircut
long shag wolf haircut

Curly Shag Wolf Haircut 

  • Curly hair is perfect since it is naturally full of volume and movement, which accentuates the shag wolf cut’s layers. 
  • Additionally, the shag wolf gives a softer image because of the curls. It makes you look blended and gives you an understated appearance.
the image shows, curly shag wolf haircut
curly shag wolf haircut

Wolf Shag With Curtain Bangs

  • Curtain bangs are a terrific accent for your wolf shag haircut. These bangs are highly appealing and will frame the face like a window curtain. 
  • They can transform your hair and draw attention to your facial characteristics. They can be long or short or medium length.
the image shows, wolf shag with curtain bangs
wolf shag with curtain bangs

Wolf Shag With Choppy Layers

  • The way the hair frames the face with layers can be really attractive. The hair is full of movement and volume thanks to the chopped layers. 
  • This edgy appearance because of its contemporary twist was worn by rock stars from the 1970s and 1980s.
the image shows, wolf shag with choppy layers
wolf shag with choppy layers

Wolf Shag With A Thick Fringe 

  • If you have thick hair, you might want to keep some of the volumes in the fringe and on top of your head. 
  • The wolf cut is perfect for thick hair since it may balance out extensive layering and lessen bulk and weight.
the image shows, wolf shag with a thick fringe
wolf shag with a thick fringe

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Wavy Wolf Shag Haircut 

  • Wavy hair provides the best hair textures for the wolf shag cut. The hefty layers that give the haircut its jagged and volumized appearance are what make it unique. 
  • wavy hair can also produce a more blended appearance because of its added volume. 
the image shows, wavy wolf shag haircut
wavy wolf shag haircut

Wolf Shag With Bangs 

  • Adding bangs accentuates your features and makes you look younger.
  • Your hair’s texture appears appealing since it softens the layers and produces a more amazing finish. You can cut it to the length you choose, whether you want it short or long. 
the image shows, wolf shag with bangs
wolf shag with bangs

Wolf Shag Haircut With Shaved Sides 

  • An already rebellious appearance is made even more so by the addition of shaved sides to the hairdo. 
  • The top of the head, where the layers are cut to produce volume and fullness, can also be highlighted by the sides. It gives a very eye-catching appearance.
the image shows, wolf shag haircut with shaved sides
wolf shag haircut with shaved sides

Wolf Shag With Spikes 

  • Spikes can be worn with a wolf shag haircut for a rebellious, punk-inspired appearance. Subtle spikes on top further accentuate the crown’s hair, giving it a bigger, fuller, but also voluminous appearance. 
  • It is best to maintain the spikes small and supple; avoid the extremely rigid spikes of the 1990s.
the image shows, wolf shag with spikes
wolf shag with spikes

Wolf Shag With Baby Blunt Bangs 

  • Baby Blunt bangs will change the way you seem by emphasizing your facial features. Additionally, this cut can make you look younger and hide fine lines and wrinkles on the forehead. 
  • The blunt cut looks best on straight hair since it will highlight the precise accuracy of the bangs.
the image shows, wolf shag with baby blunt bangs
wolf shag with baby blunt bangs

Wolf Shag On Straight Hair

  • Straight hair makes the layers of the wolf shag more noticeable. Although it will require more styling, the deeply layered, the choppy cut might look better on hair that is not textured. 
  • For optimal results, pair it with a medium-length hairstyle.
the image shows, wolf shag on straight hair
wolf shag on straight hair

Fluffy Blow Dry Wolf Shag Haircut 

  • By employing heat styling and blow-drying, you can enhance your wolf shag hairstyle. Curls, waves, or straight hair may all be produced using this method, which is also wonderful for generating diverse textures. 
  • This haircut would be a great choice when you want to highlight the layers in the hair, especially around the face.
the image shows, fluffy blowdry wolf shag haircut
fluffy blowdry wolf shag haircut

Wolf Shag With Blunt Ends 

  • A typical blunt cut has no layers, however, this option provides a combination of both. This is a gorgeous appearance that will enhance the length of your hair and draw attention to the cut. 
  • It looks wonderful on the hair of all lengths, but longer hair can make the wolf cut look smoother and less jagged.
the image shows, wolf shag with blunt ends
wolf shag with blunt ends

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Korean Wolf Shag Haircut 

  • The wolf shag style is also well-liked in K-Pop, and it is thought to have originated in South Korea. 
  • The delicate layers in this style fall lightly against the face. This can be attractive and a great way to draw attention to your best qualities.
the image shows, korean wolf shag haircut
korean wolf shag haircut

Masculine Wolf Shag Haircut

  • This haircut is ideal for someone who wants their hair to be unstructured and purposefully unkempt. 
  • It will seem carefree and effortlessly cool. Instead of using wispy strands that drape on the face, you can create fuller, more pronounced bangs for a more manly finish. 
the image shows, masculine shag wolf haircut
masculine shag wolf haircut


Try not to overthink your next haircut. This season’s popular haircut is the wolf cut, which is incredibly adaptable. Try it out right away, and you’ll look amazing. 

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